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Outdoor Dining Doral
Outdoor Dining Doral


Doral restaurants may qualify for an Outdoor Dining Permit should they meet certain requirements.

To qualify, please follow the suggested guidance below:

Step 1a

Hire a design professional to help navigate code requirements and evaluate effects of additional seating and accessories at your location.

Step 1b

Evaluate available vs. required parking. A meeting with Planning and Zoning may be required.
 Planning and Zoning Department

Step 1c

Evaluate available vs. required plumbing fixture count, grease trap capacity and sewer capacity.

Step 2

Design Professional can schedule a FREE Building Department Meeting using  Doral311 to meet with Building & Zoning Staff to review findings.

Step 3a

If preliminary review is okay and able to move forward, submit a set of plans to for BD Exterior Alteration (Comm) (Primary) with all required attachments showing:

  • Layout of proposed seating (including moveable and fixed elements, chairs, umbrellas, etc.)
  • Calculations or tables showing:
    • Parking count
    • Occupant load
    • Seat count (inside and outside)
    • Fixture count (lavatories, water closets, etc.)
  • Additional details or specifications as required to increase grease trap or sewer capacity, if needed
  • Additional details or specification for awnings, canopies, fire sprinklers or other accessories added as a result of addition or increase to outside dining as required by the Florida Building Code, local ordinances, NFPA, etc.

Step 3b

Obtain approvals from outside agencies including Miami Dade County Fire Rescue, Water & Sewer, DERM, etc. The Miami Dade County Municipal Permit Application and electronic submittal instructions can be downloaded from following links:

Step 4

Obtain CO (Certificate of Occupancy) for additional area and request new/revised Certificate of Use & Business Tax Receipt from the  Licensing Division which will include the additional outdoor dining area information.

Thank you for working with the City of Doral on your Outdoor Dining Permit & License!

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