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Dine in Doral
Doral Food & Wine Festival Highlights the City's Emerging Culinary Scene

Doral is undergoing a renaissance. Once filled with chain restaurants, this West Miami-Dade city now boasts vibrant nightlife and dining scenes. If you've been considering a visit to explore Doral further, there's no better time than during the Doral Wine & Food Festival this March 21 and 22. Now in its fourth year, the event promises a significant array of eateries boasting delicious bites and a lively experience for the whole family.  Read more...

Dine in Doral
Come for the paella, stay for the late-night party at this new Cuban-themed restaurant

Kuba Cabana, a new entertainment and dining concept, is many things in one. A coffee shop. A restaurant. A nightclub celebrating Cuban music, cocktails and dancing. The restaurant, now open in CityPlace Doral, serves lunch and dinner in the former home of CityWorks. It’s a colorful 8,910-square foot space, with seating for 202. The idea: you come for dinner, you stay for a show. There’s music and dancing every night, some nights with a live band.  Read more...

Dine in Doral
Ten Best Restaurants in Doral

In Doral, the housing is affordable, sprawling shopping complexes for everything you could ever want abound, and the food is plentiful. It ain't fancy or full of itself, but it encapsulates everything that's great about eating in Miami. There’s a massive array of inexpensive spots representing a broad swath of Latin American countries. Es no importa what you’re craving — Doral has it. Even better is that it's all served in approachable, family-run places. No attitudes, no fussing, just a place to grab a great meal before you venture back out to face the world.  Read more...

Dine in Doral
Neighborhood Guide: Where to Dine in Doral

There’s a delicious reason to get on that Dolphin Expressway heading north and it has to do with Doral’s Dining Scene. No longer a vast wasteland of warehouses and undeveloped land, Doral is quickly becoming one of South Florida’s booming neighborhoods. From high-rise living to five-star dining, this area is blossoming into a one-stop shop for arts, dining, and culture. With an array of restaurants sure to satisfy any palate, Doral’s dining scene is making a name for itself as a must-visit foodie hot spot.  Read more...

Dine in Doral
One of Miami’s best pastry chefs is coming to Downtown Doral

Things just got sweeter in Doral. A lot sweeter.
Antonio Bachour, one of the best pastry chefs in Miami — and, oh yes, and one of the best the world — is opening a new bakery and restaurant in Downtown Doral.
The restaurant, which will be built in a 3,000-square-foot space, plans to offer a full-service menu and the same gorgeous baked goods that are sold at Bachour in Coral Gables, The Citadel food hall in Little River and Timeout Market in Miami Beach.  Read more...

dine in Doral
Taste 54 flavors with Flight Club at M.I.A. Beer Company

Decisions, decisions, decisions. When you go out, picking something off a menu isn’t always easy — but now there’s a spot that’s brewed up an idea. And if you join their club, you can taste it all. Bottoms up, beer lovers. M.I.A. Beer Company in Doral has beers made especially for SoFlo drinkers. Eddie Leon, M.I.A. Beer Company: “M.I.A. Beer Company is a craft brewery. We specialize in making local beer inspired by our food and our local fruits.”  Read more...

dine in Doral
Hungry Posted: Gusto RistoBar

For that friend who makes pasta night a weekly affair and always recommends the best wine, treat them to Gusto RistoBar for a night in Italia.
What to wear: Keep it simple or dress it up. Whether you’re going straight from work to make it to Happy Hour or dressing for date night, casual chic is the way to go.
What to expect: If you’ve visited Downtown Doral you’re familiar with the outdoor setting and relaxed atmosphere. Gusto has a similar vibe with indoor and outdoor seating for any occasion. Feel free to come for a birthday dinner with your crew or for date-night with your boo.  Read more...

dine in Doral
Eat bigger and spicier at Chuy’s Tex-Mex in Doral

They say everything is bigger in Texas … and it’s true. Now a Lone Star State staple is bringing their giant flavors — and portions — to South Florida.
If you have a “queso” the blues, we have the cure.
Chuy’s Doral has something you will want to “taco” ’bout.
Doug Crawford: “Chuy’s Doral is a great, fresh Tex-Mex restaurant with authentic border Texas food.”  Read more...

dine in Doral
This Korean mom-and-pop restaurant in a Doral strip mall is the real deal

You’d never guess you were in a Korean restaurant except for the name Bistro Bulgogi referring to what might be considered the national dish of South Korea. Located in a green and blue strip mall in Doral opposite a Walmart, the interior is sleek and done in neutral tones divided into two dining spaces and a counter in the front one with dark gray colored walls and slate tiles below with industrial metal hanging lights.  Read more...

dine in Doral
This new restaurant’s Latin-Italian fare sounds like it’ll fit right into Doral

Downtown Doral has added a new restaurant, and it’s got a Latin-Italian flair. Gusto RistoBar, in The Shops at Downtown Doral, has a menu that straddles traditional Italian dishes and Latin American flavors. The restaurants, which is calling itself a neighborhood restaurant and bar, focuses on pastas, rustic pizzas and a selection of international wines.  Read more...

dine in Doral

There’s a delicious reason to get on that Dolphin Expressway heading north and it has to do with Doral’s Dining Scene. No longer a vast wasteland of warehouses and undeveloped land, Doral is quickly becoming one of South Florida’s booming neighborhoods. From high-rise living to five-star dining, this area is blossoming into a one-stop shop for arts, dining, and culture. With an array of restaurants sure to satisfy any palate, Doral’s dining scene is making a name for itself as a must-visit foodie hot spot.  Read more...

dine in Doral
MIA Beer Company

The City of Doral is giving Wynwood a run for its money with three breweries in the neighborhood. MIA Beer Company was one of the first in the area and serves up their signature Miami Weiss Hefeweizen, a crisp Golden Ale the 305 Ale and the M.I.A. IPA an India Pale Ale. It’s in a non-descript warehouse-type area, the norm in certain parts of Doral. MIA is also a full restaurant serving up sliders, Korean-style chicken wings and a full-on brunch. The dark, rich interior is inviting and almost elegant for a brewery.  Read more...

dine in Doral

City Place Doral (8300 Northwest 36 Street, Doral) has become the epicenter of the ever-booming city of Doral. Not only are there a myriad of upscale restaurants to accommodate the whole family (regardless of cravings), but CityPlace Doral is also home to shopping and entertainment options that make the chic establishment a one-stop shop for all. I was recently invited to visit three of the newly opened restaurants – Kings Bowl, Icebox Café and Angelo Elia Pizza, Bar & Tapas. Below is a gluttonous round-up of my experience, so you can get a few ideas for your next City Place Doral visit.  Read more...

dine in Doral
Nikkei, Chifa and the ceviche-sushi axis

Peruvian cuisine — and a host of new concepts dedicated to it — is spreading across U.S. the way the flavor of Peru’s aji amarillo chile pepper disperses across the tongue: Full-bodied, yet subtly.  Read more...

dine in Doral
Chuy’s | Doral

Chuy’s is opening its first Miami location in October. The Tex-Mex restaurant group will open at 8001 Northwest 36th Street in Doral, according to a press release. The Doral location will mark the ninth in Florida and the 90th restaurant for Chuy’s.  Read more...

dine in Doral
Divieto Ristorante: Italia Servida en un Plato

Dicen que lo prohibido atrae más. Descubra qué hace a este restaurante la parada obligatoria para los paladares más exigentes de la gastronomía italiana. Al igual que un excelente escritor logra que un libro se convierta en bestseller, un chef le da vida a un restaurante. Tras el chef ejecutivo de Divieto se esconde una historia interesante. Comencemos por decir que se llama Luis Zavala, es mexicano y tiene 31 años.  Read more...

dine in Doral
Tex-Mex Chain Chuy's to Open First Miami Location in Doral

The Doral spot will mark the brand's 90th U.S. location, serving traditional Tex-Mex in a vibrant and whimsical environment. Though the buildout of the new location is not yet complete, typical Chuy's locations are designed with an Elvis shrine, inflated tropical birds, large metal palm trees, bright tables and chairs, patterned tile floors, and colorful dangling lights.  Read more...

dine in Doral
Shoyu Ramen/Dragonfly Izakaya and Fish Market

A chef brings one of his favorite Japanese dishes to South Florida. That’s what’s cooking tonight — as we grab a Bite with Belkys.
The Chef: Masa Hamaya
The Restaurant: Dragonfly Izakaya and Fish Market in Doral
The Dish: Shoyu Ramen 

dine in Doral

Basic brunch-ers need to sit this one out because Icebox Café is serving some major dishes. Bottomless mimosas, fresh ingredients and the ideal location is why Ice Box should be your new spot for #SundayFunday. Icebox’s second location (first one is in Miami Beach) is in the beautiful City Place Doral. The restaurant is great for eating outdoors in the terrace or on the second floor for perfect people watching. This huge location caters to big parties for upcoming holidays or any celebration. The interior design is very chic and modern meets Miami.  Read more...

dine in Doral
CityPlace Doral Heats Up the South Florida Food Scene

When you’re driving through the employment center of Doral, it’s difficult to miss the entrance of CityPlace Doral with its large, silver “CityPlace” letters inviting you in and giving you a taste of the top-notch amenities inside. Recently opened this March, the Related Group’s CityPlace Doral is the city’s hottest center of more than 40 shopping, entertainment and, most notably, dining venues.  Read more...

dine in Doral
Dragonfly Izakaya and Fish Market

Chef Masamoto Hamaya was born and raised in Japan. He went to college in Arizona, but returned home to Tokyo to go to culinary school. He came back to the United States to embark on an impressive culinary career: Hamaya was Head Sushi Chef at Uchi, James Beard Award Winner Tyson Cole’s restaurant in Austin, Texas, and he has played key roles as Executive Chef at Ozumo and Executive Sous at the Michelin starred Ame in San Francisco.  Read more...

dine in Doral
CityPlace Doral: Exciting Addition to Doral’s Food Scene

Doral is one of the few neighboring areas in Miami where you can still see cows roaming around on open land. Now, with the opening of the new CityPlace in Doral , there’s a massive expansion in the restaurants available for residents and those who work in the area.  Read more...

dine in Doral
Where to dine in Doral (it’s not all chain restaurants anymore)

Years ago, dining in Doral meant driving out to 87th Avenue to pick from one of a handful of chain restaurants. There was a Chili’s (that continues to operate), a Hooters, a Miami Subs Grill (which has since closed), and a few other mom and pop spots hidden in strip malls. Read more...

Pisco y Nazca Gastrobar
5 New Reasons to Get Excited About Pisco y Nazca Gastrobar

This past December, the top-notch team at Pisco y Nazca Gastrobar {8405 Mills Drive #260, Kendall; 305.630.3844} hopped on a plane to Peru to immerse themselves in the culture of the region, and they brought some of it back for us to experience, too.  Read more...

Brimstone Restaurant
Brimstone Woodfire Grill to Open at CityPlace Doral

Brimstone Woodfire Grill is opening its first Miami-Dade location at CityPlace Doral this week, one of 20 eateries set to launch at the new mixed-use retail complex located at 3450 NW 83rd Ave. It joins restaurants such as Cooper's Hawk Winery, Baires Grill, and the Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern. Read more...

Lunch Deal
Miami's Best Eats and Drinks This Week: Poke Bowls, a Lunch Deal, and Brew House Rock

Take the edge off the workweek with a visit to Doral's Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market for a build-your-own poke bowl or a quick drink during happy hour. If you're closer to South Beach, visit Tanuki. The Asian restaurant has launched a hearty $23 lunch menu as well as happy hour. Read more...

Bulla Gastrobar
July 2016 Miami Restaurant Openings and Closings

Miami summers are challenging for the local restaurant industry, with small eateries typically finding it difficult to stay afloat until high season. Many restaurants survive by the skin of their teeth, relying on themed dinners and the Miami Spice program, which runs August 1 through September 30 for much-needed business.Read more...

Bulla Gastrobar
13 Absolutely Killer BBQ Spots in Miami

Miami’s barbecue scene is as diverse as its cultures, with Southern-style slow-roasted meats, the open-fire parrilla delights of South America, grill-your-own Korean specialties, Japanese-style coal-fired robata, and plenty more finger-licking-good options from which to choose. And because nothing says summer like good ol' ‘cue, we’ve rounded up The Magic City's 13 best spots.Read more...

Bulla Gastrobar
A peek at the new Bulla Gastrobar in Doral

The owners of popular Coral Gables tapas spot Bulla Gastrobar have expanded to the booming Doral area. Diego Solano, Regional Chef for Centurion Restaurant Group (Bulla's parent) presides over the menu while Bulla Doral's executive chef, Miguel Rebolledo, helms the kitchen.Read more...

Dragon Fly Restaurant
Doral's Dragonfly Is a Bug You'll Want to Catch and Keep

If braving traffic and burning gas is your thing, add Doral's sprawling Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market, which opened in April, to your list of restaurants to commute to. The Japanese small-plates spot is part of an ambitious, billion-dollar effort by developers Codina Partners and Lennar Commercial to turn the western enclave from one of wide roads, housing developments, and strip malls into a trendy village. Read more...

The Six Best Doral Lunch Spots
South Florida's Restaurant Scene Sizzles with the Launch of the 5th Annual 'Taste of Doral'

Doral, FL (Restaurant News Release) South Florida foodies now have an open invitation to take a gastronomical exploration through the city of Dora Read more...

The Six Best Doral Lunch Spots
The Six Best Doral Lunch Spots: Goat, Sushi, and Everything in Between

Don't spend another half-hour eating lunch at your desk and fading under the office's fluorescent lighting as a computer screen melts your eyes out of their sockets. Grab your keys and get outside. Feel that? It's the sun. Finally, your body is getting the vitamin D it's been craving for weeks. You may not have much time, so make the most of it. This is Doral, and you'll have to be strategic. Jump into the car and open the sun roof to let in more of that sunshine. Don't be distracted by the panoply of chain restaurants like Hooters, Chili's, and the Ale House. Avert your eyes. Doral has some of the city's best lunch spots if you know where to look. Read more...

Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market
Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market

Dragonfly Izakaya & Fish Market opens its third location in Florida — its first in South Florida — inside Downtown Doral at 5241 NW 87th Avenue. The restaurant, which has quite the following in Gainesville and Orlando, is housed in a 6,000-square-foot space featuring both a main dining room and a traditional fish market that is modeled after the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan.

Inspired by traditional izakayas Dragonfly features a bevy of Japanese comfort food-inspired dishes like Japanese seafood pancakes with shrimp, octopus and squid; garlic blue crab fried rice; neck-to-tail chicken tastings menu, and plenty of seafood and traditional sushi rolls. Read more...

Venezolanas Food
5 Mejores arepas para un almuerzo venezolano en Doral

En el Doral se encuentran algunos de los mejores restaurantes con ofertas auténticamente venezolanas.

En Amaize usted puede crear la arepa de su sueño con su oferta CYO (Create Your Own).

La comida de Bocas Grill es una fusión de platos latinos con una amplia selección de arepas rellenas o arepas especiales

Cuando le pregunté a mi colega Beatriz, venezolana al acecho de la buena comida de su país en Miami, cuáles eran los mejores restaurantes con ofertas auténticamente de Venezuela, me respondió al instante: “Olvídate de los Arepazos”, y me entregó una lista de 15 nombres. Como la mayoría se encontraba en Doral –¿dónde mejor, no?– me ocupé de probar las arepas de estos, y de ese recorrido salen las sugerencias. Read more...

Brother Power - Chefs
Brother Power: la fórmula de éxito para algunos de los mejores restaurantes del mundo

No sólo el recién calificado como “el mejor restaurante del mundo” es un proyecto de hermanos: la línea sanguínea se derrama en otros templos gastronómicos en varios horizontes geográficos. Read more...

Tank Brewing Company
Craft breweries populating Doral

An orange Abraham Lincoln riding an old-timey bicycle peeks over rush-hour traffic on Bird Road and catches your eye from the east side of the Palmetto Expressway with one bold, mouthwatering word against the jet-black building: “Brewery.”

Down there, at the entrace to the Bird Road Arts District on Southwest 41st Street, the equal-part owners of Lincoln’s Beard Brewery sweat through their T-shirts amid wet paint and polyurethane vapors wafting through the open doors as they put the finishing touches on their shared dream.

“Miami’s neighborhood brew pub: That’s what we want to be,” said head brewer John Falco, one of six owners — most of them ex-military at Doral’s U.S. Southern Command — who are betting on beer. “This is my dream.” Read more...

Miami International Mall
Three New Dining Concepts Come to Miami International Mall

On your next shopping trip to Miami International Mall you'll have more dining options at your disposal. The Doral mall has added two new food options in the recent months, with one more on its way.

First up is Tiramisu Academy Milano, which offers up a bunch of different varieties of tiramisu desserts like ones made with strawberries, dulce de leche and salted orange carmel, that will "please the pickiest of eaters." Read more...