Procurement Division

Name Closing Date
2020-13 ITB NW 112 Avenue 25-34 St Roadway Improvements
2020-12 RFP Special Needs Camp
2020-11 RFP Nature Focused Camp at Doral Glades Park
2020-08 ITB Stormwater Improvements NW 114 Avenue and NW 50 Street
2020-07 ITB Right-of-Way Maintenance Services
2020-06 RFP Pre-Construction and Construction Manager at Risk for Doral Central Park
2020-05 RFQ Architectural and Engineering Services for Doral Central Park
2020-04 RFP Vending Machines Operations and Management
2020-03 ITB 2020-03 Parking Lot Resealing at Trails and Tails Park and Veterans Park
2020-02 RFP Recreational Programming