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Christi Fraga

The City of Doral has been home to Christi Fraga and her Cuban-American family for over fifteen years. Naturally, when the time came for Christi and her husband, Gabriel Fraga, to decide where they would start a family, Doral was the only option. After graduating with distinction from St. Brendan High School, Christi earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Miami-Dade Community College (MDCC) as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Finance Management and Accounting from Florida International University (FIU). In 2014, she also earned a sixty-hour certificate from the University of Miami’s Good Government Initiative Leaders in Excellence Program, whose content was designed to cultivate ethical and leadership abilities in elected officials. These accomplishments not only contributed to the strong foundation that underscores Christi’s ability to thrive, but also served to inspire her to embark on several entrepreneurial ventures. Today, Christi is the proud co-owner of two successful Doral businesses: South Florida Small Business Solutions and Brain Freeze Nitrogen Ice Cream and Yogurt Lab.

While attaining her education and starting her career, Christi envisioned herself going forward as a well-rounded, determined, and passionate business and community leader. Therefore, in 2012, she decided to run a vigorous campaign for Seat #3 on Doral’s City Council. In November of that year, she was elected as the youngest council member in the City’s history. A year later, Christi was appointed by her colleagues to serve as the City’s Vice Mayor. As a City of Doral council member, Christi has continuously gone above and beyond what is expected of her, concentrating her efforts on empowering the youth, women, the elderly, and the disabled. She has also undertaken efforts to improve traffic, education, businesses, and pet adoption.

To empower the youth in Doral, Christi spearheaded the creation of the Youth Advisory Board, a group of young civic leaders who advise the City on how to get other young adults involved in government services. She also created the Youth Leadership Award to recognize young civic leaders for their excellence in academics, their leadership, and community service initiatives. To empower women, Christi served for two years as the chair of the Women’s Alliance Group (WAG), a committee of the Doral Business Council (DBC), which focused on enhancing women’s opportunities in the workplace while also encouraging them to make a difference in their community. She has also raised funds for important community causes such as the Women's Breast Health Initiative (WBHI), the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, and organizations which help the disabled, battle domestic violence, and provide gratuitous healthcare services for the community. 

Christi is also passionate about education. She served in the Miami-Dade County League of Cities (MDCLC) Board of Directors, whose members appointed her to serve on the Miami-Dade County Public School’s Site Planning and Construction Committee (SPCCS). By engaging with the members of Doral school’s Parent Teacher Associations (PTA), Christi established a program through which the City donates all of its surplus computers to a non-for-profit organization, the South Florida Digital Alliance (SFDA). The SFDA refurbishes and then reallocates the computers to Doral schools. The program is not only “green” in that it recycles computers for further use, but it also ensures a steady flow of computer equipment from the City to its schools going forward. Christi also supports expanding higher education for Doral’s youth. To this end, she serves as a member of the Florida International University (FIU) President’s Council and supports the relocation of the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair to South-Dade and the expansion of FIU on to the County-owned land currently occupied by the Fair.

Christi’s initiatives since 2012 have also included lowering property taxes for low income seniors, promoting fiscal responsibility, and holding events to encourage pet adoptions. She has continuously supported the expansion of the City’s parks, which in 2016 will include the Legacy and Glades parks, and the Aquatic Facility complex at Doral Central Park which is currently in the design process. Christi also supports the enhancement of the City’s Police facilities which will increase safety for Doral’s businesses as well as for its residents. She advocates road improvement projects meant to alleviate traffic flows, minimize flooding, and stabilize Doral’s canal banks. She also favors public transportation enhancements that promote the use of trolleys, bikes, and walkability. Christi also supports information technology initiatives that will allow for increased digital citizen engagement and propel the City of Doral into becoming a fully functioning Smart City.

Councilwoman Christi Fraga is not only a caring, attentive, and hard-working individual, but she is also a determined, inspired, and optimistic leader, who is passionate about making a difference and improving the quality of everyday life for the residents of Doral through her involvement in entrepreneurship, community causes, and public service. The City of Doral will remain the place that Christi calls home, as it is dear to her heart. She will also remain vehement about continuing her efforts to make Doral’s community a better place to live, work, invest, learn and play as she continues to represent and serve the residents of Doral on its City Council.