Doral is the premier location in South Florida to live, work, learn and play. Rated by Business Week magazine as the best city in Florida for a business startup; put Doral in second place among America’s top 25 towns to live well in and U.S. News & World Report rated Doral the third best retirement location.

With 250 corporate headquarters and 100 multinational corporations, Doral means business. In addition, the city is home to the Miami Free Zone, one of the largest privately owned and operated foreign trade zones in North America.

Our population is highly diverse and well educated, with more than 96% having completed high school and more than 55% with bachelor’s degrees. In addition, 90% of Doral’s residents are multilingual and every public and charter school in Doral has received an “A” rating.

Doral has over 121 acres of parks, playgrounds, ball fields and recreational facilities. Our great recreational programs have earned the Playful City USA award every year since 2010.

We invite you to visit our city, experience everything we have to offer and discover how you can live, work, learn and play in Doral.

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Speak Up, You might just save a life
  1. Awareness. Know the risks.
    Texting while driving is involved in 200,000+ vehicle crashes each year, often involving injuries and death.
  2. Committment. Take the pledge.
    Make a lifelong commitment never to text and drive. Go to ltCan and take the pledge with a loved one.
  3. Ritual. Change your behavior.
    Create a routine that reminds you before you drive.
  4. Influence. Speak up.
    90% say they'd stop if a friend in the car asked them to.
Speak Up, You might just save a life
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