Doral is the premier location in South Florida to live, work, learn and play. Rated by Business Week magazine as the best city in Florida for a business startup; put Doral in second place among America’s top 25 towns to live well in and U.S. News & World Report rated Doral the third best retirement location.

With 250 corporate headquarters and 100 multinational corporations, Doral means business. In addition, the city is home to the Miami Free Zone, one of the largest privately owned and operated foreign trade zones in North America.

Our population is highly diverse and well educated, with more than 96% having completed high school and more than 55% with bachelor’s degrees. In addition, 90% of Doral’s residents are multilingual and every public and charter school in Doral has received an “A” rating.

Doral has over 121 acres of parks, playgrounds, ball fields and recreational facilities. Our great recreational programs have earned the Playful City USA award every year since 2010.

We invite you to visit our city, experience everything we have to offer and discover how you can live, work, learn and play in Doral.

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Doral Businesses Give Back with “Doral Military Discount Program”
Business Tax Receipt

The Doral City Council unanimously approved the Doral Military Discount Program, a partnership with local businesses to provide discounts to all active duty military personnel and veterans.

This concept developed by the Doral Military Affairs Advisory Board, allows Doral businesses who have valid Business Tax Receipts, and offer a discount on products and/or services to U.S. service men and women to proudly display the Doral Military Discount Program decal.

Please complete the form with your information to receive your complimentary Doral Military Discount Program decal to display at the entrance of your business. Your business will also be included on our Military Discount list, which provides our military and veterans a quick guide to businesses participating in the program.

Thank you to businesses already providing these discounts! We encourage everyone to give back to those that have given so much.

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Zika Mosquito

Don't let Zika Virus come to Doral!

Zika Virus Information Hotline Now Available 24/7.
Call 855-622-6735


Our current mitigation focus is on mosquitoes and we need your help to get the information out to everyone in our community. Mosquito season is here and we need everyone to help eliminate or treat the standing water. The Aedes aegypti mosquito likes to breed in small containers so this is a particularly daunting task. The biggest concern is for containers or areas where water may pool for about five days. This allows for the eggs to cycle to becoming adult mosquitos. Eggs can also remain on the sides of containers and then when they come in contact with water can then start the development process.

Not all mosquitoes are the same. Different mosqutoes spread different viruses and bite at different times of the day. Some mosquito species bite during the day, such as those mosquitoes that can spread chikungunya, dengue, and Zika viruses. Other species of mosquitoes bite most often at dawn and dusk, including those that can transmit West Nile virus.

I am attaching information sheets on the products that can be used in standing water if it cannot be tipped out. You can get the BTI dunks from local hardware stores or online. These can last up to 30 days. See the sheets for guidance on amounts. Granular forms of BTI can also be used and if you can’t find that you can always break up the dunks.

Mosquito Dunks Information Natular Larvicide Fact Sheet

There is a plethora of information also available in a Google Drive site we created to share information with our partners, including official messaging from the Department of Health and Solid Waste Management, websites, videos and a mosquito abatement training we held here on Monday. The power point presentations are in there along with handouts and the video from that session, click "more information" link below.

More Information!

The Department of Solid Waste Management has updated their website with information about the Zika Action Plan and the aerial sprayings. It is important for people to understand that the current aerial spraying are only occurring in the Wynwood area. The dates and times are now posted on the DSWM site below. Their site also has information on the products that are being used in the aerial spraying.
Check out the new chart and associated links posted on our Mosquito Control page:

Aerial Spraying Chart