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Since the City’s incorporation in 2003, City leadership has envisioned world-class parks with many amenities that would be multi-generational, multi-purpose and multi-seasonal. Recognizing that the City would grow overtime, the goal was to have a park within a short walking distance from most residences that serves the recreational needs of residents of all ages, interests and capabilities. On November 6, 2018, voters passed the General Obligation Parks Bond for $150 million that would help fund the construction of future Doral park projects.

Parks projects and improvements the bond will fund include: green spaces, nature areas, sports fields, play areas, infrastructure, aquatics facility, community center, cultural amenities, walking/biking trails, specialty recreation areas, and safety features.


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Now that the community has decided 'Yes', the work begins and our commitment to public participation continues while we implement the community's vision for our parks. As transparency and collaboration remain a priority, we invite all residents to stay active and involved by visiting the  Doral Parks Bond web portal that will be updated regularly with new developments. Also, email us at for any questions you may have.


Staff Contact:

Barbara Hernandez
Parks & Recreation Director

In 2016 the City began the process of updating the Parks System Master Plan. The effort included a long-range planning process to identify capital and operational ways to have the City meet the changing and increasing recreational needs of the community.

At the 2017 Strategic Planning Session, the City Council directed staff, through the Parks System Master Plan, to make the development of the City’s current green spaces a top priority. Here is where the conversation of a Park’s Bond first took place. Soon after, staff began their research.

The 2017 City of Doral Parks and Recreation Master Plan utilized a variety of needs assessment and engagement techniques to identify high-priority needs, including multiple community workshops. The planning process revealed that the City’s greatest needs were for additional green spaces, natural areas, park space, indoor recreation space, and aquatics facilities.

Techniques included the following:

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Project Work Group
  • Site Evaluations
  • Focus Groups
  • Staff Interviews
  • Public Workshops
  • Intercept Interviews
  • Online Public Survey
  • Community Statistically Valid Survey
  • Amenities Level of Services
  • Community Benchmarking
  • Acreage Level of Service
  • Programs Assessment
  • Access Level of Service
  • Statistically Valid Survey
  • Supply + Demand Analysis
  • Nation, Reginal and Local Trends
  • Population and Demographic Overview
Doral Park

The City Council’s decision to proceed with the a bond referendum came after much deliberation, considering all of the information gathered during the Parks Master Plan Update, population growth estimates, and additional feedback from the community.

In order to begin developing parks and green spaces identified in the approved 2017 Parks Master Plan so the families of today can enjoy, an advancement of funds would be required. The phased method, marked by “pay as you go,” would take substantially longer. With the recent success of Doral Legacy Park, an ambitious project in its own right, the City Council felt confident the community would support an effort to fund more projects up-front. General funds, partnerships, sponsorship, impact fees and grants all continue to be part of the long-range vision proposed within the master plan, especially for continued operation and maintenance.

Master Plan Workshop Master Plan Workshop
Master Plan Workshop Master Plan Workshop

Doral Parks for Tomorrow - G.O. Doral Parks Bond

Estimated that a 30 Year, $150 Million Bond could cost the typical homeowner an average of $139 per year in additional property taxes.*
*This was based off the Miami Dade County’s 2018 assessment of the median homestead Doral residential taxable value of $193,121

Doral Central Park (82 acres)

  • 70,000 SF community center, including a fitness center, basketball gym and running track
  • An outdoor café waterfront plaza
  • Outdoor aquatics complex with both recreational/leisure and competition components
  • Waterfront promenade
  • Waterfront performance/event pavilion
  • Multiple multipurpose greenspaces and sports fields
  • A neighborhood-scale skate park with a pump track
  • Two (2) large playgrounds
  • A destination nature-play area
  • Over-water boardwalk trails
  • Canoe/kayak launch
  • Four (4) lakeside “beach” volleyball courts
  • 1-acre urban dog park
  • Four (4) tennis courts with spectator seating
  • Four (4) basketball courts
  • Two (2) restroom and storage buildings
  • Six (6) miles of multi-purpose trails, paths, and sidewalks
  • Wetland and native plantings areas
  • Vehicular and site lighting
  • Multiple large and small shade pavilions

Downtown Doral Cultural Facility + Park Expansion (1.3 acres)

  • 9,000 SF contemporary cultural facility
  • Amphitheater lawn seating & green roof
  • Multipurpose room
  • Art gallery space
  • 1.3 acre expanded park greenspace

New Walk-to Park White Course Parcel (3 acres)

  • Neighborhood-scale park amenities
  • Flexible greenspace
  • Restroom
  • Picnic areas and shelters
  • Lighted playground
  • Trailhead location

Bikeway and Trail Linkages

  • Approximately 5 miles of new trails
  • Enhanced lighting on some current bike paths to increase safety

Improvement and Safety Features to Current Parks

  • Lighting enhancements


What is a bond referendum?

A bond referendum is a voting process that gives voters the power to decide if a municipality should be authorized to raise funds through the issuance of general obligation bonds. A general obligation (G.O.) bond is a form of borrowing in which a municipality pledges its full faith and credit (taxing power) to repay the debt with interest over a specified term. G.O. bonds are generally the least costly financing option available to the city for funding these projects.

What is the purpose of the City of Doral’s proposed General Obligation Bond?

The purpose of the City of Doral’s proposed G.O. Bond is to finance the cost of various capital improvement projects, including increased green and nature spaces, development of Doral Central Park, construction of a cultural facility and improvement of bikeways network. Residents will vote on the implementation of the proposed bond during the election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

How were bond-related projects selected?

The projects identified for this parks bond are in-line with findings from the 2017 City of Doral Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The final plan came to fruition after a long-range planning process that took place from 2016-2017, and utilized a variety of needs assessment and engagement techniques with residents to identify high-priority needs, including multiple community workshops. The planning process revealed that the city’s greatest needs were for additional park space, indoor recreation space, and aquatic facilities. Projects were selected based on public input, staff recommendations and City Council approval.

Can bond funds be spent on salaries for staff and elected officials, day-to-day business operations or events? What are authorized uses of bond funds?

Bond proceeds cannot be used to pay day to day operating cost. The proceeds can only be used on the approved projects indicated in the bond referendum questions.

Will there be a bond oversight committee? If so, what is the purpose and how will you maintain transparency throughout the implementation process?

If Doral residents vote to pass the proposed bond, City Administration will establish a Bond Oversight Committee made up of Doral residents, city staff and elected officials. The oversight committee will monitor and review implementation of the bond to further the City’s efforts towards transparency. Furthermore, the committee will be made up of Doral residents and professionals that have requisite relevant experience with municipal finance, engineering, construction, architecture, etc

What happens if the bond does not pass in November?

The City is working with limited revenue growth. After operational expenses are calculated, there are little remaining funds left for capital improvements. If the bond does not pass, some projects identified will likely be postponed or eliminated.


¿Qué es un referéndum de bonos?

Un referéndum de bonos es un proceso de votos que da a los votantes el poder a decidir si un municipio debería ser autorizado a aumentar fondos a través del emission de bonos de obligación general. Un bono de obligación general es una forma de prestar en que un municipio compromete su fe completo y credito (potencia fiscal) a reembolsar la deuda con interés durante un término específico. Bonos de obligación general son generalmente la opción financiera menos costoso disponible a la cuidad para financiar estos proyectos.

¿Qué es el propósito del Bono de Obligación General propuesto for la Ciudad de Doral?

El propósito del Bono de Obligación General propuesto for la Ciudad de Doral es a financiar el costo de varios proyectos de mejoramientos capitales incluyendo aumentando los espacios verdes y naturales, el desarollo de Doral Central Park, la construcción de instalaciones culturales y mejoramientos en la cadena de pasillos de bicicleta. Residentes votarán sobre la implementación del bono propuesto durante una elección especial el Martes, el 6 de Noviembre.

¿Como seleccionan proyectos relacionados con bonos?

Los proyectos identificado para el bono de este parque están de acuerdo con los hallazgos del plan Maestro de la Cuidad de Doral del 2017 del departamento de Parques y Recreación. El plan final vino a fruición despues de un proceso largo de planificación que duro de 2016 hasta el 2017, y utilizó una evaluación de varios necesidades y técnicas de participación para identificar necesidades de alta prioridad, incluyendo múltiple reuniones comunitarias. El proceso de planificación revelo que lo que la cuidad mas necesita es espacio adicional de parque, espacio de recreación interior, y instalaciones de deportes acuáticos. Los proyectos fueron seleccionado por recomendaciones de empleados de la cuidad, aporte público y aprobación del consejo de la ciudad.

Los fondos de bonos pueden ser gastados en salarios de nuestros empleados y oficiales electados, operaciones de negocio de día a día, fiestas o eventos? ¿Cuáles son los usos autorizados de los fondos de bonos?

Ganancias de bonos no se pueden usar para pagar el costo de operiaciones de día a día. Las ganancias solo pueden ser usado para los proyectos aprobado indicado en las preguntas del referéndum de bonos.

¿Habrá un comité de supervisión de bonos? Si es así, ¿cuál es el propósito y cómo mantendrá la transparencia durante todo el proceso de implementación?

Si los residents de Doral votan a pasar el bono propuesto, la Administración de le Cuidad establecerá un comité de supervisión de bonos compuestos de residentes de Doral, nuestros empleados y oficiales electados. El comité de supervision supervisará y revisará la implementación del bono para promover los esfuerzos de la Ciudad hacia la transparencia. El comité sera compuesto de residentes de Doral y profesionales que tienen experiencia pertenente con finanzas municipales, ingeneria, construcción, arquitectura, etc.

¿Qué pasa si los bonos no pasan en Noviembre?

La cuidad esta trabajando con crecimiento de ingresos limitado. Después de calcular los gastos operacionales, hay pocos fondos restante para mejoramientos capitales. Si el bono no pasa, algunos proyectos probablemente serán pospuesto o eliminado.

Doral Referendum
Referendo para Doral
Referandòm pou Doral

Doral Parks for Tomorrow: General Obligation Bonds Referendum for Parks, Natural Areas, and Recreational Facilities

To improve public health and protect natural areas by building/improving parks and recreational facilities with safety features, including, but not limited to, green spaces, community centers, cultural amenities, aquatic facility, playgrounds, sports fields, and five miles of walking/cycling trails, shall Doral issue General Obligation Bonds, within maximum lawful interest rates, maturing within 30 years from each issuance, not exceeding $150 million, payable from ad valorem taxes, with independent annual audits and citizen oversight?

Parques del Doral para el Futuro: Referendo relativo a Bonos de Obligación General para Parques, Áreas Naturales e Instalaciones Recreativas

A fin de mejorar la salud pública y de proteger las áreas naturales mediante la construcción/mejora de parques e instalaciones recreativas con dispositivos de seguridad, incluidos, entre otros, espacios verdes, centros comunitarios, servicios culturales, instalación acuática, zona de juegos, campos deportivos y cinco millas de senderos para caminar/montar bicicleta, ¿deberá el Doral emitir Bonos de Obligación General, dentro de las tasas de interés máximas permitidas por la ley, con vencimiento en un plazo de 30 años a partir de su fecha de emisión, por un monto que no supere los $150 millones, pagaderos de los impuestos ad valórem, con auditorías anuales independientes y supervisión ciudadana?

Pak yo nan Doral pou Demen: Referandòm sou Bon ak Obligasyon Jeneral pou Pak, Espas Natirèl, ak Enstalasyon Rekreyatif

Pou amelyore sante piblik epi pwoteje espas natirèl yo gras a konstriksyon/amelyorasyon pak yo ak enstalasyon rekreyatif yo avèk fonksyon sekirite, tankou, pami lòt bagay, espas vèt, sant kominotè, enstalasyon kiltirèl, enstalasyon akwatik, teren amizman, teren espò, ak senk mil santye pou mache/monte bekàn, èske Doral dwe emèt Bon ak Obligasyon Jeneral, avèk to enterè ki nan limit maksimòm legal la, k ap rive a echeyans disi 30 lane apati chak emisyon, ki pa depase $150 milyon, ki peyab avèk taks sou valè, avèk odit endepandan chak ane ak kontwòl sitwayen?

For Bonds/A favor de los bonos/Pou Bon yo 374
Against Bonds/En contra de los bonos/Kont Bon yo 375