Parks and Recreation Department

Doral Meadow Park

The park is located at 11555 NW 58th Street, Doral, FL. The project includes enclosing the existing outdoor patio space to provide 800 square feet of indoor recreation area with a new HVAC system. In addition, the existing building renovation will include a high-tech conference room, a kitchenette, façade treatments, green walls, an indoor trophy case, modernized bathrooms and a multi-purpose outdoor plaza.



  • Outfield Baseball Netting

Following is an approximate breakdown of the different programmatic spaces interior to the Doral Meadow Center (all approximate dimensions rounded to the nearest foot):

  • New Multi-purpose Room: 36’x21’ (800 SF with a 50 SF storage closet)
  • New Kitchenette: 10’x6’ (60 SF)
  • New Hallway Storage: 8’x4’ (33 SF)
  • Staff Office: 8’x10’ (80 SF)
  • Conference Room: 18’x20’ (373 SF)
  • Large Storage Area: 10’x20’ (200 SF)
  • Maintenance/Storage Area: 14’x18’ (258 SF)
  • Men’s Restroom: 9’x15’ (155 SF)
  • Women’s Restroom: 11’x15’ (175 SF)