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On Monday, May 1, 2023, the City of Doral is launching a new parking program in the City’s urban core. The program will be rolled out in phases, with Phase 1 focusing on the Downtown Doral area:

  • North to South – NW 54th Street to south of NW 52nd Street
  • East to West – NW 79th Avenue to NW 87th Avenue
Parking in Doral Map

The new initiative creates a coordinated parking management program with benefits that include limiting unauthorized commercial vehicles from parking in residential areas, creating vehicle turnover to allow business patrons to find parking easier, increased safety, and decreased fuel waste by reducing time spent of vehicles circling to find parking.

Parking customers will receive a courtesy note under the windshield from May 1 – June 4 , 2023 at 11:59 pm. Paid parking will officially be in effect beginning on June 5, 2023 at 12:00 am.

To pay for parking on-street, download the PayByPhone app at For more information, please visit or call (305-938-0072).

City of Doral residents can  register online to receive a discount on on-street Pay by Phone parking ($1.50 an hour instead of the standard $2.50 an hour – 3-hour maximum time) (not valid with other discount programs). To register residents must provide the Pay By phone account number, mobile phone number, license plate, and upload a copy of the vehicle registration of each vehicle on the account. Vehicles must be registered in the City of Doral. Please note that this discount is valid for City of Doral residents only and enrollment in the program must be renewed annually. Residents must email or 305-938-0072 call with any questions or concerns.

To learn more about the Miami Parking Authority, please visit

Parking enforcement is essential to a healthy parking system because it ensures that streets are used in the best interests of the community. Parking regulations also improve public safety and efficient traffic flow.
The Miami-Dade County Parking Violations Bureau collects payments, and processes disputes for parking citations issued by the Miami Parking Authority. Click here to make an online payment or complete a citation dispute form.

MPA parking enforcement officers have no quotas to fulfill and prefer to educate customers to help them avoid tickets. Towing of vehicles in the city of Doral is handled by:
Roadway Towing
6980 NW 53rd Terrace, Miami, FL 33166
Phone: (305) 593-7474

¡Estacionar en Doral Ahora Sera más fácil!

El lunes 1 de mayo de 2023, la Ciudad de Doral lanzará un nuevo programa de estacionamiento en el centro urbano de la Ciudad. El programa se implementará en fases, y la Fase 1 se centrará en el área del Downtown Doral:

  • De norte a sur: NW 54 calle al sur de NW 52 calle
  • De este a oeste: NW 79 avenida a NW 87 avenida
Parking in Doral Map

La nueva iniciativa crea un programa de gestión de estacionamiento coordinado con beneficios que incluyen limitar el estacionamiento de vehículos comerciales no autorizados en áreas residenciales, crear rotación de vehículos para permitir que los clientes comerciales encuentren estacionamiento más fácilmente, mayor seguridad y menor desperdicio de combustible al reducir el tiempo que pasan los vehículos buscando estacionamiento.

Los clientes del estacionamiento recibirán una nota de cortesía debajo del parabrisas del 1º de mayo al 4 de junio de 2023 a las 11:59 pm. El estacionamiento pago entrará oficialmente en vigencia a partir del 5 de junio de 2023 a las 12:00 am.

Para pagar el estacionamiento, descargue la aplicación PayByPhone en Para obtener más información, visite o llame al (305) 938-0072.

Los residentes de la ciudad de Doral pueden  registrarse en línea para recibir un descuento en el estacionamiento de pago por teléfono ($1.50 por hora en lugar de los $2.50 estándar por hora, tiempo máximo de 3 horas) (no válido con otros programas de descuento). Para registrarse, los residentes deben proporcionar el número de cuenta de Pay By Phone, el número de teléfono móvil, la placa y proveer una copia del registro del vehículo de cada vehículo en la cuenta. Los vehículos deben estar registrados en la Ciudad de Doral. Tenga en cuenta que este descuento es válido solo para los residentes de la ciudad de Doral y la inscripción en el programa se tiene que renovar anualmente. Los residentes deben enviar un correo electrónico a o llamar al 305-938-0072 si tienen alguna pregunta o inquietud.

Para obtener más información sobre la Autoridad de Estacionamiento de Miami, visite

El control del estacionamiento es esencial para un sistema de estacionamiento saludable porque garantiza que las calles se utilicen en el mejor interés de la comunidad. Las regulaciones de estacionamiento también mejoran la seguridad pública y el flujo de tráfico eficiente.
La Oficina de Infracciones de Estacionamiento del Condado de Miami-Dade cobra pagos y procesa disputas por citaciones de estacionamiento emitidas por la Autoridad de Estacionamiento de Miami. Haga clic aquí para realizar un pago en línea o completar un formulario de disputa de citación.

Los oficiales de control de estacionamiento de MPA no tienen cuotas que cumplir y prefieren educar a los clientes para ayudarlos a evitar multas. El remolque de vehículos en la ciudad de Doral está a cargo de:
Roadway Towing
6980 NW 53rd Terraza, Miami, FL 33166
Teléfono: (305) 593-7474

How to Pay- Pay by Phone

Pay By Phone

Pay for parking with the PayByPhone app in the City of Doral!

The City of Doral works with PayByPhone to let you pay for vehicle parking in seconds at our parking locations. The app is a completely cashless solution, reminds you when your parking session is about to expire, and even lets you extend your parking time from anywhere! PayByPhone is convenient, easy and secure.

Click the buttons below to download the iOS or Android app.

Pay By Phone

¡Pague el estacionamiento con la aplicación PayByPhone en la Ciudad de Doral!

La Ciudad de Doral trabaja con PayByPhone para permitirle pagar el estacionamiento de su vehículo en segundos en nuestros lugares de estacionamiento. ¡La aplicación es una solución que no requiere pago en efectivo, le recuerda cuando su sesión de estacionamiento está a punto de expirar, e incluso le permite extender el tiempo de estacionamiento desde cualquier lugar! PayByPhone es cómodo, fácil y seguro.

Haz clic en los siguientes botones para descargar la aplicación para iOS o Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for PayByPhone?

It’s easy. To register, download the PayByPhone app from the  App Store or  Google Playor visit the PayByPhone website at Make sure you have your mobile phone number, email address, and credit card that will be used to pay for parking ready to complete your registration.

Once I find a parking space, how do I start my PayByPhone session?

Once registered, you only need to park, click on the PayByPhone app on your mobile device, as your account information is already stored, enter the location number, select how long you wish to park for, confirm and you will be done! PayByPhone is easy, convenient and will relieve you of the stress of having to account for the parking time to avoid a ticket.

What kind of mobile phone can I use with PayByPhone?

Any smartphone, such as an  Apple or  Android device. By going to the PayByPhone website,, you can click on the appropriate link for your Smartphone to download the mobile app.

How can I avoid getting a parking ticket when using PayByPhone?

PayByPhone has a feature that will alert you via text message when your parking session is about to expire, thus allowing you to extend the time without having to walk to the vehicle and avoid getting a citation.

How much does it cost to register for PayByPhone?

Registration is free.

Does PayByPhone require a minimum of minutes or hours?

Customers have the ability to add the number of minutes or hours up to a maximum of three hours consecutively in a particular location. Additional information will be displayed in the PaybyPhone app before you complete the payment!

Are the PayByPhone rates the same throughout the city of Doral?

No, rates may vary by location number.

Can I use PayByPhone outside of the limits of the city of Doral?

Yes, you can use the PayByPhone app in any city or location that offers the service. Simply look for the PayByPhone logo and use that location number. Within the South Florida region PayByPhone is available in a variety of locations including Doral, Miami, Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County Parks and South Miami. This makes it easy for customers in these four municipalities to use the same system to pay for parking.

How do I extend the parking session using my Smartphone?

You can simply extend the time by clicking on the “extend” feature on the PayByPhone mobile app or by calling  1-866-234-7275 (PARK) before the parking session has expired.

How do the parking officers know that I have paid for parking?

When you pay for parking using PayByPhone, your parking status will be displayed on the handheld device used by the enforcement officers.

Can we add other vehicles to the same PayByPhone account?

Yes, for more details, please visit and click on “my account” in order to add more vehicles to your account. Or visit the Vehicle Management tab in the settings of your app. Lastly, you can call PayByPhone at  1-866-234-7275

How can we know that the credit card transaction is secured?

Yes, it is secured because the credit card number is encrypted when you sign up and it is never entered, displayed or spoken during a telephone transaction.

How do I know if PayByPhone is available where I parked?

The PayByPhone signs will be well displayed in all of the locations where PayByPhone is available. The signs will feature the city of Doral name, location number and steps to follow to pay with PayByPhone.

Can I use PayByPhone in the parking lots?

Currently, PaybyPhone is only used for on-street parking in the city for Doral. For other payment options in off-street parking lots and garages, we recommend you visit or call  305-592-0681 for more information.

Can I obtain a payment receipt?

Yes, to print a receipt, please go to the PayByPhone website and, once you have logged in, the system will show you the account history where all of your transactions are saved. You will need to select the date and print the receipt.

Can I know in advance how much money will the parking session cost?

The app provides a quote of the total cost based on what location number you’ve entered and the duration you wish to park for.

If I decide to move my vehicle to another space within the same general area during my parking session, do I need to pay again, or can I finish the parking session I had already paid for?

Yes, you can move your vehicle to another parking space as long as the location number you used to pay for parking with PayByPhone is the same.

Is it possible to receive a citation/ticket even though I paid with PayByPhone?

Although unlikely, the MPA recommends you review the copy of your PayByPhone receipt to ensure the location number, license plate number, and time for which you paid matches the space where your vehicle was parked, license plate of your vehicle, and is within the time indicated on your citation. If you entered the right location and license plate number and your time had not expired, please visit or email to apply for a citation waiver.

Are discounts available for City of Doral Residents?

City of Doral residents will receive a discount on on-street Pay by Phone parking (not valid with other discount programs). To register please provide the Pay By phone account number, mobile phone number, license plate, and upload a copy of the vehicle registration of each vehicle on the account. Vehicles must be registered in the City of Doral.

Please note that this discount is valid for City of Doral residents only and enrollment in the program must be renewed annually.

Please email or  305-938-0072 call with any questions or concerns.

 Link to Discount Form

Citation Waiver

If you believe that you were issued a citation in error, you may request that the citation be waived (cancelled).

You will be notified in via e-mail of the decision to waive (cancel) or not waive the citation.

Comments or concerns may be sent to

Please note that, under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing. See Sec. 668.6076, Florida Statutes.

  • Fill out and submit the Waiver Request Form below.
  • Attach a copy of the citation.
  • Attach a copy of paid status support document (receipt, credit card statement, etc.)

 Link to Waiver

Contact Miami Parking Authority

Customer Service
40 Northwest 3 Street
Miami, Florida, 33128
Phone:  305-938-0072

Senior Business Analyst
George J. Mclean
Phone:  305-373-6789 ext. 240

Media Contacts
For Media inquiries, please contact:
Margarita Rohaidy Delgado
2655 LeJeune Road, Suite #533
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone:  305-336-6267

Senior Operations Manager of Enforcement
Humberto Escandon
Phone:  305-373-6789 ext. 243

Resident Parking

**Residential Parking Petitions must be signed/Approved by 50% of Residents (i.e., unique signatures) in the Proposed Area**

 Residential Parking program Guidelines
 Residential Parking Petition
 Removal of Residential Parking Program Petition

Resident Parking Rate

  • City of Doral residents can  register online to receive a discount on on-street PayByPhone parking ($1.50 an hour instead of the standard $2.50 an hour – 3-hour maximum time) (not valid with other discount programs). To register residents must provide the PayByPhone account number, mobile phone number, license plate, and upload a copy of the vehicle registration of each vehicle on the account. Vehicles must be registered in the City of Doral. Please note that this discount is valid for City of Doral residents only and enrollment in the program must be renewed annually. Residents may email or call 305-938-0072 with any questions or concerns.

Restricted Residential Parking Program:

  • The City of Doral offers its residents restricted residential parking decals for designated neighborhoods (including Downtown Doral) for an annual fee of $25 per vehicle with a maximum of two vehicles per household.

  • Temporary visitor parking permit is $5.00 per day and may be purchased by a resident of the Restricted Residential Parking Program.
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