Information Technology Department

The Information and Technology Department provides and empowers the City's business partners and Doral's residents, visitors and businesses with sustained, reliable and efficient technology services, infrastructure and telecommunications. Leveraging state-of-the-art tools, innovative methods and strategic partnerships, we are at the center of shaping the City of Doral’s Smart City strategy. The Smart City leadership has come from the elected officials, city executives and senior staff. This is critical to building a smart city which requires championing the strategy at the highest level or the organization, a system-wide view and an integrated approach.

Today there is a strong sense of collaboration and consensus among our departments as we remain focused on the City of Doral Strategic Plan 2015/2016 and paving the way for future innovative solutions transparent, informed, and effective decision-making process for managing the demand and supply of best-managed IT services while encouraging sponsor and stakeholder engagement. Our focus is to lower the cost of services by leveraging inter-organizational collaboration and efficiencies.

The key to our Smart City Strategy is using information and communications technology to enhance our livability, workability and sustainability. To that end, the technology allows the organization to collect information about its operation through different sensors; next, that data is communicated to the information systems that process and ‘crunch’ it, analyzing the information collected to understand what is happening, initiate responsive actions and even predict what is likely to happen next. These are the core functions we follow when implementing new technologies in the City of Doral.

 Information Technology Organizational Chart

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