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IT is laser focused on providing essential applications and services — the “capabilities” that support business results. The following capabilities support business results for City departments and enterprises so they can best serve the residents and businesses of the City of Doral.

Essential IT Capability Definition
Asset Management Tracking, maintaining and managing City assets to support their efficient and effective use.
Business Intelligence Management Identifying, analyzing, transforming and presenting information using business intelligence tools and techniques to support decision making.
Citizen Engagement Empowering Citizen Engagement with a Smart City Strategy provides a “Citizen First” eServices platform for citizen access, business intelligence, service delivery, transparency and efficiency.
Communications Management Providing telephones, audio video services, video conferencing and wireless technologies to deliver voice, video and data information to staff and residents.
Financial Management Providing enterprise tools to gather, analyze, manage and communicate financial decisions to staff and citizens.
Information Management Collecting and managing information from many sources and to distribute that information to audiences.
IT Infrastructure Management Establishing, operating and maintaining IT hardware, software, networks, service desks and security systems to provide data and information to staff and residents.
Mobile Operations Management Managing and performing information technology functions using mobile devices.
Partnerships and Programs South Florida Digital Alliance (SFDA), a non-profit organization, to distribute the city’s surplus computers to schools in Doral.
Public Safety Management Delivering business and technology management services to support code compliance, emergency management and police services to City of Doral residents and businesses.
Security City government to improve transparency and accessibility, while protecting privacy and security using confidentiality, integrity and accountability.
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