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As we begin the re-opening process following the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) emergency, assessments and decisions continue to be made on a daily basis, always with the goal of preserving the wellbeing of the community. The City of Doral remains committed to delivering superior customer service to our residents and business owners, while taking additional precautions to protect the health and safety of our employees, their families, and the entire city. 


Download Electronic Submittal Guidelines
 Electronic Plan Submittal Guidelines

Download Digitally Signed and Sealed Documents Statement
 Digitally Signed and Sealed Documents Statement

Download Scanned Plan Authorization
 Scanned Plan Authorization

IMPORTANT: Please call 305-593-6700 for information and updates.

New Permits, Sub Permits, Shop Drawings, Revisions and Reworks – Please review the Electronic Submittal Guidelines above. All forms are available in the FORMS section at left.

Permit & Process Extensions – Please see   Building Permits & Understanding the Governor’s Emergency Order

Inspections – Please click the  e-Permitting Portal button to schedule your inspections.
TCO’s – Please email to the hardship/application request.
Meetings – You may schedule remote or in-person design professional meetings using  Doral311 or use the Personnel directory at left to find the contact number or email address of your reviewer/inspector to reach them directly.
Temporarily Suspended Services – After-hours inspections, walk-thru permitting, early start permits, expedited plan review, 40-year recertification and pressure vessel recertification.  

We are excited to continue offering new electronic services and are here to answer your questions.

We continue to serve you and make Doral the premier place to Live, Work, Learn, Play & Invest.

For Doral Government Center operating schedule, please visit: .  If you should need any assistance or have any questions, please contact Rene Velazco, Building Official, 305-593-6700 Ext 3100 or Jane Decker, Assistant Director, Building Department, 305-593-6700 Ext 3127.

As the situation continues to develop, make sure you are following us on social media -- @cityofdoral (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and on the   City of Doral COVID-19 webpage for announcements on possible future changes to other City operations.

 Building Permits & Understanding the Governor’s Emergency Order

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