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Permit Submittal Guide 🖨

When submitting your permit application, please complete the following steps:

Online System Registration (all users must register)
Please  Register Here Online System Registration (all users must register) at our CSS Portal.

Contractor Registration (for Contractors ONLY)
Contractor of record must be registered with the City of Doral. Please see Contractor Registration Page for more information.   Contractor Registration Form is available on Forms page. 

Permit Submittal Process 

  1. Print & fill out the  City of Doral Permit Application as well as any other required forms and if required, submit one application for each discipline (sub-permit) - depending on the scope of work. Make sure all Documents are completely filled out signed and notarized.
    a)    For new construction or commercial projects please include the  Miami Dade County Municipal Permit Application and the  Miami-Dade County Contact Form.
  2. All plans requiring a design professional’s signature shall be digitally signed; digitally signing your design file protects the contents from being altered. Please do not add any additional/optional security from your PDF software or certification authority. “Locking” or “Restricting” the document before you submit the file can prevent us from opening and processing the document or stamping it for approval in our software. This results in lost time for us all and may require you to resubmit a new set of documents.
  3. If applying for an Owner-Builder permit, please read the requirements prior to applying, fill out, and submit the  Owner Builder Affidavit with all the required documents.
  4. A recorded  Notice of Commencement (NOC) will be required for any job value greater than $2,500; except permits related to heat and air-conditioning systems, which require an NOC when the job value is greater than $15,000. The NOC must be recorded thru Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts prior to submitting to the City of Doral.
  5. When submitting documentation (specifications, calculations, NOAs, etc.) - please submit each file as one combined PDF and named accordingly, “Specs”, “Structural Calcs” etc. All files shall be appropriately named according to  NAMING CONVENTIONS and should only be submitted as PDFs. All other formats such as img, jpeg, tiff will not be accepted.
  6. All documents must be submitted thru the  CSS Portal.
  7.  Additional permit application forms, fee sheets, etc. may be  found here.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact, the City of Doral Building Department by phone:  305-593-6700 or via email. See  staff directory here.

Thank you for cooperation and patience.

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