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BORA 30-Year Building Recertification General Considerations and Guidelines bora-30-year-building-recertification-general-considerations-and-guidelines
BORA Recommendation – Digital Signing and Sealing Plans bora-recommendation-digital-signing-and-sealing-plans
BORA Interpretation – Building Recertification Exemption, Townhouses bora-interpretation-building-recertification-exemption-townhouses
BORA Interpretation – As Built Certifications / Missed Inspections bora_2021-06-17-interpretation-missed-inspections.pdf
BORA Interpretation – Fixture Count bora-interpretation-fixture-count
BORA Gas Vent Interpretation bora-gas-vent-interpretation
BORA Interpretation: Wind Load Table for Openings in Walls 210121-wind-load-table-for-openings-in-walls
FBC 7th Edition (2020) and Miami-Dade NOAs fbc_7th_edition_2020_and_miami-dade_noas.pdf
BORA Interpretation - Wind Resistance of Mechanical Equipment bora-interpretation-wind-resistance-of-mechanical-equipment.pdf
MECHANICAL - Analysis of Changes for the 6th Edition (2017) Florida Codes Analysis-of-Changes-6th-Ed_M.pdf
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