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Change of Contractor
Please email completed  Change of Contractor forms to Fees apply. Important Note: Forms not signed/notarize by both parties will incur a 10-day waiting period.

Permit or Process Extensions
Please email a completed (signed, notarized)  Permit Application marked for Permit or Process Extension (Admin Box, page 2) to Submit requests before expiration of permit or process. Permits are valid for 180 days from issuance or last approved inspection. Process Numbers are valid for 180 days from application date but may be extended twice in 90-day increments provided no code changes and at the Building Official’s discretion. Fees apply.

Permit or Process Cancellations
Please email completed(signed, notarized)  Permit Cancellation or  Process Number Cancellation (Note: Different forms!) to A permit (issued) may be cancelled if no work has been completed and no violation exists on the property. A process number cancellation may be allowed if no violation exists. Fees apply.

Permit Renewals
Please email a completed (signed, notarized)  Permit Application marked for Permit Renewal (Admin Box, page 2) to Use when the permit has expired. Fees apply. Please note: A process number (not an issued permit) is considered VOID after expiration.

Glenda Saez
305-593-6700 ex 3155
Solution Center Representative
General information, Inspection schedule, call routing, Permit Status, Expiration date.
Vanessa Castro
Permitting & Development Services Manager
TCO's, Permit issuance, Reworks, Permit Renewals, Change of Contractors, 40 Year Recertifications, Early Start Permits.
305-593-6700 ex 3128

Jeily Cabrera
Plans Processing Clerk I
Permit intake processing, Sub permit processing, Process extensions, Permit extensions, Owner-Builder Registration.
305-593-6700 ex 3112

Babette Morales
305-593-6700 ex 3118
Permit Clerk

Kevin Canas
305-593-6700 ex 3115
Permit Clerk

Dariel Leyva
305-593-6700 ex 3107
Permit Clerk

Noelia Velazquez-Montalvo
305-593-6700 ex 3147
Permit Clerk
Contractor Registrations & Updates
Please see the  Contractor Registration page for important announcements and updates.

Maria Mendez
305-593-6700 ex 3125
Buildings Records Manager
Public records requests, open permit search, contractor registration/updates, Pressure Vessel Certifications.

Ana (Ivelisse) Paulino
305-593-6700 ex 3133
Buildings Records Clerk
Contractor registration/updates, Records receiving and inquiries.

Genesis Valdivia
305-593-6700 ex 3146
Buildings Records Clerk
Contractor registration/updates, Open Permit Search, Lien Search Records receiving and inquiries.
Alexander Garcia
Chief Building Inspector/Deputy Building Official
305-593-6700 ex 3144

John Berg
Building Plans Examiner
305-593-6700 ex 3130

Maria Hernandez
Chief Structural Plans Examiner
305-593-6700 ex 3132

Luis Perez
Structural Plans Examiner (Vendor)
Available Monday & Wednesday 7am-9am, Friday – By Appointment

Pedro Gonzalez
Building Plans Examiner
305-593-6700 ex 3137

Javier Parodi
Building Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3111

Luis Averhoff
Building Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3139

Pablo Velasco
Building Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3135
Ingrys Farias
Floodplain Manager
305-593-6700 ex 3108

Erica “Penny” Valdes
Floodplain Plans Examiner/CRS Coordinator
305-593-6700 ex 3109
Iscander Garcia
Chief Electrical Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3104

Felix Pousa
Electrical Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3122

Luis Consuegra
Electrical Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3104

Julio Fleites
Electrical Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3138
Danilo J. Brito
Chief Plumbing Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3124

Alcel Ruano
Plumbing Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3145

Trevor Bramble
Plumbing Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3143
Jorge Granadillo
Chief Mechanical Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3105

Juan Sequera
Mechanical Inspector & Plans Examiner
305-593-6700 ex 3123

Alexander Santana
Mechanical Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3102
Ardiel Barrios
Chief Roofing Inspector
305-593-6700 ex 3119
Jane Decker
Building Department Director
305-593-6700 ex 3127

Carlos Diaz
Building Department Assistant Director
305-593-6700 ex 3110

Vince Seijas
Building Official / Floodplain Administrator
305-593-6700 ex 3100

Claudia Herrera
Administrative Coordinator/CIP Liaison
305-593-6700 ex 3106

Rosalind Morgan
Building Budget Coordinator
305-593-6700 ex 3101
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