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Step 3 Confirm Contractor Registration

Step 4A Submit for a Permit, Plan or License (Contractor Registration)

Step 4B Submitting to Miami-Dade County

Step 5 Review Rejection Comments (or Skip to Step 7 if your permit is approved)

Step 6 Submitting a Rework

A rework is submitted under the permit before it is issued to address comments and corrections. NOTE: If your permit is already issued, please refer to Step 11 for submitting a revision.

Step 8 Downloading Approved Documents, Permit & Inspection Card

Step 10 Pulling Sub Permits (Sub Records)

Step 11 Submitting Revisions after Permit Issuance

If the revision or as-built is required as per our inspection team and they have added the BD Revision step to your workflow, you apply like Step 10 above similar to a sub permit. Go to Sub Records tab in CSS and click Apply next to BD Revision.

If our customer team has NOT added the workflow step to your permit or this a new revision initiated by your owner, design professional or contractor, please follow the guidance document here:

Step 12 Renewing an Expired Permit / Lost Plans Request

  • Expired Permits
    • Permits are valid for 180 days from last approved inspection.
    • If permit is fully expired, complete a current  permit application marked for renewal on Page 2, sign and notarized by both owner and qualifier.
    • Refer to  Personnel Directory for appropriate clerk to VIA EMAIL with subject line: [Permit Number] Expired Permit Renewal Application.
  • Extending a Current Permit
    • If permit is still valid, complete a current  permit application marked for permit extension on Page 2, sign and notarized by both owner and qualifier.
    • Refer to  Personnel Directory for appropriate clerk to VIA EMAIL with subject line: [Permit Number] Permit Extension Request.
  • Lost Plans Request
    • If you no longer have a copy of the permit set for the field, which is required in order to proceed with inspections, you must also submit a Lost Plans Request. Mark the appropriate box on Page 2 of the permit application. Refer to Personnel Directory for appropriate clerk to send Lost Plans Request.

Step 13 Closing Permit & Obtaining Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

  • A permit is ready to be closed when all sub permits are final and all inspections under the master permit are completed. When this occurs, the permitting system will update the permit status to “Closed/No further action.”
  • Not all permits receive a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) or Certificate of Completion (CC). Typically, permits that change use, occupant load, or square footage will receive a CO. Shell buildings waiting to receive a tenant improvement or buildout receive a CC.
  • Permits are updated every 2-3 days to issue a Certificate of Occupancy/Completion when required.
  • For more information, you may email Chief Building Inspector, to review your request with subject line: [Permit Number] CO/CC Request.
  • Certificates are uploaded and available under “Attachments” in the CSS Portal at You must be a contact on the permit to view documents.

Step 14 Maintain your building and enjoy the beautiful city of Doral!

  • We appreciate your business in the City of Doral and the Building Department wants to maintain a long-lasting relationship with you and your building.
  • If you outgrow your space or decide to downsize your space, especially in commercial buildings, come talk to us about an Interior Alteration permit and what the requirements are under the Florida Building Code. Please refer to the guidance document in Forms for “ Change of Use” particulatly if you decide to use the space in a different way. Example: Business to Mercantile, Storage to Factory. See Definitions of Use & Occupancy under the  Florida Building Code.
  • If you need a record set of plans of your building:
  • When the building or structure hits its Recertification Age (as of 2023, this is 30 years old), please come back and visit our  Building Milestone page for information and requirements on re-certifying your building for occupancy.
  • As always, we’re here to help! Reach out to us any time with your building use and occupancy questions.

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