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The following is a general outline of the City of Doral’s development review process for rezoning, site plans, plats, land use amendments, special exceptions, variances, conditional use, and street vacations.

1-. Schedule Pre-Application meeting Planning and Zoning Director
To provide for a more fluid development review process, all new development proposals must be presented to the Planning and Zoning Department prior to an official submittal. To set up a meeting with the Director of Planning and Zoning, please contact us via email at, or by phone at 305-593-6630. The purpose of the meeting is to allow the Planning and Zoning Department staff to familiarize itself with the project and to provide preliminary comments and recommendations prior to the official submittal of the project. Staff will determine whether an application/project will be administratively reviewed or whether it will require a public hearing. Please bring to the meeting a conceptual site plan, landscape plan and survey of the property.

2.- Submittals
Once a pre-application meeting has taken place, the applicant may submit for official review. Please refer to the submittal checklists for tentative and final plat, and administrative site plan review. A trip generation and/or traffic study are required for all new developments, and may be required for others as well. The Public Works Department will determine if a traffic study or trip generation will be required. All traffic studies must conform to the City’s Traffic Impact Analysis Methodology. It is the responsibility of the applicant/developer to submit all required items and information and to ensure the submitted materials and information accurately responds to the requirements, comments and expectations. Incomplete submittals will be returned to the applicant without review.

3.- Review Process
Upon receipt of required materials the Development Review Coordinator will provide copies to respective departments for their review. Site plan approval by the city council is required for non-residential redevelopment programs in the Downtown Mixed Use (DMU), Community Mixed-Use (CMU), Office (O) and Office/Residential (OR) future land use categories and comparable zoning districts (Applications will only be scheduled for public hearing when all outstanding issues are resolved as determined by the Planning and Zoning Director).

The review process for administrative site plan review takes approximately 15 business days.

To check for upcoming Zoning Meetings, please see City’s Calendar

* Public meeting dates subject to change upon Council’s discretion.
*Submitting an application prior to or by the deadline does not guarantee the application will be scheduled for the corresponding hearing date; it is merely a guideline.

Applicants are required to submit site plans to applicable agencies for review:

  • Commercial Site Plans
    • Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM)
    • Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department
  • Residential Site Plans
    • Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM)
    • Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department
    • Miami-Dade County School Board - Effective September 1, 2009, all residential development applications must be entered into MDCPS Concurrency Management System. Please view School Concurrency link for further details.
  • Land Use Amendments Proposals
    • Commercial
      • Department of Solid Waste Management
    • Residential
      • Department of Solid Waste Management
      • Miami-Dade County School Board

*All agency approvals are required prior to scheduling for Public Hearing.

4.- Review Comments
The Development Review Coordinator will forward all comments to the applicant or their designated agent. Revised plans are again reviewed by respective departments and agencies, and additional comments are prepared if needed.

For more detailed information on our Development Review Process please view the following
link to the City’s Land Development Code :  ARTICLE III. - DEVELOPMENT PROCEDURES

If you have any further questions please contact us at

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