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Comprehensive Plan 2022

City of Doral Comprehensive Plan

The State of Florida Growth Management Act authorizes local governments to plan for and guide their development and growth through the comprehensive plan and land development regulations. The Comprehensive Plan is adopted to guide through “principles, guidelines, standards and strategies” the orderly and balanced future economic, social, physical, environmental, and fiscal development of an area. In Florida, the comprehensive plan is considered to be the local government constitution for all future development within the local government jurisdictional boundaries. Also, like the Florida or US Constitutions, the comprehensive plan is “hard law” because it is legally binding and not a policy statement.

 2022 City of Doral Comprehensive Plan

2022 Capital Improvements Element Update


This document annually updates the Capital Improvements Element (CIE) of the City of Doral Comprehensive Plan. Pursuant to Subsection 163.3177(3)(b)1, Florida Statutes, local governments are required to review and update the CIE on an annual basis and modify as necessary to maintain a financially feasible 5-Year Schedule of Capital Improvements (SCI).

The 2022 CIE Update includes all capital projects for which the City has fiscal responsibility, including parks and recreation, stormwater management and transportation. The Update also includes capital improvement projects which are the responsibility of other government agencies and entities, including water supply, sanitary sewer, solid waste, public school facilities and transportation facilities. These “non- Doral” projects are funded through Miami-Dade County, Miami-Dade Public School Board, Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO).

This Update also provides Level of Service (LOS) analyses for all public facilities within the City based on population projections and related data. Projects included in the updated 5-Year SCI are necessary to address projected public facility needs in order to meet future LOS demand. The CIE coordinates infrastructure to be consistent throughout the elements of the Comprehensive Plan. This document is approved and adopted annually by the City Council. Once adopted, this document replaces, amends and updates the City of Doral CIE Element of the City’s adopted Comprehensive Plan. The 2022/23 - 2026/27 SCI herein will replace the 2021/22 SCI and updated data, inventory and analysis (DIA) will replace the 2021/22 DIA.

 2022 Capital Improvements Element Update

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