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*On February 10, 2021, the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Doral adopted Resolution 21-52 amending the Planning & Zoning Fee Schedule and adding of a Technology Fee for the Planning and Zoning Department. The Planning and Zoning fee schedule updates shall take effect on March 1, 2021.

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The following items must be submitted:
  1. Letter of Intent, listing what is being requested, why, and reasons why applicant feels the request should be approved, detailing variances, zoning requests, explaining zoning hardship, etc.
  2. Application completely filled out and properly executed. (Folio numbers are mandatory).
  3. Ownership affidavit(s).
  4. Disclosure of Interest, if the owner, applicant or contract purchaser is a corporation, partnership, trustee.
  5. Copy of executed lease for one year or more, if applicant is a lessee if not prove ownership.
  6. Owner’s Sworn-to-Consent form signed by the owner-of-record of the property, giving lessee permission to filer for the hearing if applicant is a lessee. (Power of Attorney)
  7. Photographs of the property, including structures that may be the subject of the hearing.
  8. 6 (signed and sealed) standard sets of plans folded , 1 set measuring 11 x 17 , and a CD containing a PDF of Site Plan
    1. Site Plans (must show entire property, all dimensions measured to centerline of the streets, size and uses of existing and proposed buildings, spacing, setback distances, detail for each type of parking space, driveways, etc. A complete zoning legend, showing data calculations for the site, dimensions from each building to each other and to the property line, must also be shown on the plan).
    2. Floor Plans (must identify all rooms and indicate dimensions of each).
    3. Building Elevations (drawing must show number of stories and overall height of top of roof).
    4. Landscape Plans (including Landscape Legend and Certificate acknowledging compliance with the Landscape Ordinance).
  9. Boundary Survey (required with every application, no older than 1 year. Must show all structures, rights-of-way, easements, dedications etc. and any municipality boundary, if any).
  10. Liquor Survey required if it is a school, church, or a public park.
  11. Special Purpose Survey
  12. Engineer’s certification and/or compliance letter for existing structures, unless vacant
  13. Architectural approval letter required from the homeowners’ or condominium association.
  14. Signage Plans: Show sign detail including sign dimensions, height and setback distance.
  15. Traffic Impact Study. (2 Copies and CD containing a PDF of Study) The Traffic Impact Study shall be signed and sealed by a Florida registered professional engineer. It is recommended that applicant or transportation consultant contact Rita Carbonell, Transportation Engineer, Public Works Department – 305- 593-6740.
  16. Provide evidence that trips are vested and a trip generation for purposes of access management
  17. Legal description [must be accurate; and if lengthy, to be submitted in Microsoft Word format on diskette or compact disc (CD), in addition to printed (hard) copy. Whether CD or diskette, ensure data is writeprotected].
  18. Lake Excavation Plans (prepared & sealed by a Florida surveyor or engineer, showing perimeter dimensions, deep cut line, cross sections and slope descriptions).
  19. School Checklist (required for all day care centers and private schools).
  20. For specific K-12 school requirements call Annie Betancourt Educational Facilities Coordinator, at (305)995- 1818.
  21. Covenant or Declaration of Restrictions may be required.
  22. Zone change applications must be consistent with the Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP).
  23. Public Works reviews and comments on hearing applications. Prior to completion of development plans.
  24. Applicant must submit plans to Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) at-33 SW 2nd Ave., 5th Fl., reviews and comments on hearing applications. Call (305) 372-6502 or 6503 for information on water quality, pollution control, soil removal, tree preservation and other environmental regulations.
  25. Applicants must submit plans to Fire, Water & Engineering Office at 11805 SW 26th Street.
  26. All residential development applications must be reviewed for compliance with Public School Concurrency. The Concurrency Management System (CMS) Entered Requirements Form must be submitted to the Stephanie Puglia, Development Review Coordinator, Planning & Zoning Department, who in turn will transmit applications electronically to Miami-Dade County Public Schools for Public School Concurrency review.
  27. Certain types of business uses require Environmental Quality Control Board (EQCB) approval before a public hearing can be scheduled. Contact DERM for additional information.
  28. General information on zoning requirements, prior zoning hearing, history, Declaration of Restrictions, Unities of Title and related zoning criteria is available on the 12th Floor of Stephen P. Clark Center. Call (305) 375- 1808. Provide a Zoning Certification of Resolutions and all pertaining plans to the resolutions.
  29. A deposit must be made for consultant and notification fees. Any funds not used will be refunded. In the event that the consultant or public hearing notice publication charges exceed the amount of the deposit, the applicant shall be responsible to pay to the City the full cost of such charges. Please provide Review Fee and Deposit on separate checks made out to the City of Doral.


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