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What is considered a Special Event?

Special events are concerts, festivals, races, walks, triathlons, circuses, carnivals, shows, exhibitions, and other similar activities or gatherings taking place in city venues of events that take place in an open-air space or venues, whether operated totally outdoors, on stage, under tents or with the use of temporary buildings or structures, to which members of the public are invited as participants or spectators. Special events shall not be permitted to locate or operate in the city except as provided in this article.

For demonstrations and assemblies, please contact the Police Department at  305-593-6699.

What you should know

Events that expect 400 or more attendees shall require the approval of the city council.

Events longer than three consecutive days shall require the approval of the city council.

The applicant shall pay an application fee of $350.00 when the application is filed. An additional charge in the amount of $200.00 shall be imposed on applicants that file more than 60 days but less than 90 days prior to the event. An application filed between 45 and 60 days prior to the event shall incur an additional charge of $400.00. The application filed less than 45 days prior to the event shall pay a $1,000.00 nonrefundable fee and requires approval of the city council.

Exceptions to the Special Events Regulations…(Please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at  305-593-6630 if your event falls under any of these exceptions)

A minor outdoor activity, on private property which is defined as an outdoor event and is self-contained that has a total attendance of less than 100 persons, has a limited impact on traffic, parking and noise in surrounding neighborhoods, and does not exceed the capacity of the facility to other property proposed to be used.

Corporate parties/gatherings located on business premises that does not require any city services. The sponsor of the proposed outdoor activity shall submit all details of such proposed activity to the planning and zoning department at least 30 days in advance of the event.

Events by a self-insured governmental entity.

Outdoor retail events in which the owner or lessee of the property used for a retail use is selling his/her/its merchandise on site may be exempt from the provisions of this article, provided that: such an outdoor retail event is contained wholly on the retail property (shall not occupy public sidewalks, rights-of-way, or property or other private property); event areas may not occupy any required parking spaces; four feet of clear passage is maintained in any occupied private sidewalks; adequate sanitary facilities are available in the subject retail business to accommodate patrons.

Submittal Requirements

  • Special Event Permit Application
  • Fee: Please see above for fee information
  • Hold Harmless Letter
  • Site Plan showing layout of the event (provide as much detail as possible)
  • Owner’s Letter of Approval
  • Certificate of Insurance (The applicant shall provide a certificate of insurance satisfactory to the city manager or designee, such insurance to be comprehensive general liability insurance in a minimum amount as may be determined by the city's risk management division, naming the city as an additional insured)
  • Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption OR Letter from Department of Treasury (IRS)*

Once a COMPLETED application is received by the Planning and Zoning Department, the application will be reviewed by the respective departments: Parks and Recreation, Planning & Zoning, Building ,Police, Public Works. If you plan to have tents larger than 10x10, a generator larger than 10 KW, a stage or portable toilets, you must also apply for a building permit. Please contact the Building Department at  305-593-6700 for more information on building permit requirements and process.

Outdoor Event Forms

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