Planning and Zoning Department

Outdoor Event

Outdoor Event Permit Application

What is considered an Outdoor Event…

An outdoor event is defined as the temporary use of public or private property for the purpose of hosting concerts, festival, carnival, races, triathlons, walks, shows, exhibitions, and others similar activities within the City of Doral.

For Events such as Demonstrations and Assemblies, please contact the Police Department.

What you should know…

As per our Ordinance, an outdoor event shall be limited to once every 6 months and for no longer than 4 consecutive days per event. Events longer than 4 consecutive days shall require City Council approval

If the event will have an anticipated attendance of 200 or more people, Council approval is required. All documents requiring council approval must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event. The application will then be reviewed by the respective departments: Parks and Recreation, Planning & Zoning, Building ,Police, Public Works, and shall require City Council approval. If you plan to have tents larger than 10x10, a generator larger thabn 10 KW, a stage or portable toilets, you must also apply for a building permit.


The following requirements must be submitted together:

  • Outdoor Event Permit Application
  • Fee of $350
  • Hold Harmless Letter
  • Site Plan showing layout of the event (provide as much detail as possible)
  • Owner’s Letter of Approval
  • Certificate of Insurance naming the City of oral additionally insured for one million dollars
  • Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption OR Letter from Department of Treasury (IRS)*