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For general zoning and/ or land use information, such as zoning designation, setback, landscape requirements, signs and property information, please feel free to contact us at planning

If you wish to obtain a zoning verification letter, please submit a letter with your request with your request, indicating the property address, folio number and briefly describe the information you are requesting. Letters are $50 per residential and $100 per commercial plus hourly rate.

 Zoning Verification Letter - Request Form

A building permit is required for all types of construction. Please visit the Building Department webpage for more info. A Zoning Department approval is required for the following types of work.

 When is Zoning Approval Required?

The City of Doral’s Guide to Sign Regulations provides the public with general information on regulations affecting the placement, type, size, number, and setbacks of permanent and temporary signs in residential, commercial, office and industrial districts. The sign regulations are found in  Chapter 80 of the Land Development Code and is administered by the Planning & Zoning Department. The user guide is not intended to be a complete statement of all applicable regulations for the placement and/or maintenance of signs on public or private property within the City of Doral. Individuals are encouraged to contact the Planning & Zoning Department at  305-593-6630 for complete permitting requirements.

 Guide to Sign Regulations

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