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The Code Compliance Community Outreach Program was created to educate the business community and the residents about the importance of compliance with City of Doral codes. The Code Compliance Outreach Program is an important aspect of the Code Compliance Process because it helps:

  • Achieve compliance by educating the public about code violations
  • Identify and rectify possible violations in the community
  • Create trained observers of violations
  • Create lasting partnerships with the community

Community Workshops

The key to our Community Outreach is the design and implementation of a comprehensive Public Education Program of the Code Compliance process by:

  • Neighborhood workshops and events
  • Brochures and other handouts
  • School outreach program

 Health Safety Initiative Dumpster Task Force

 Recycling Ordinance Presentation

 Recycling Ordinance Flyer

If you would like for us to speak at one of your Homeowner’s Association meetings, please contact our office at  305-593-6680. If you would like to have the Code Compliance Department possibly develop a workshop that you feel would benefit your community in terms of addressing a common code violation or other related matter, please contact

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