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Doral Central Park Concept

Doral Central Park Concept

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Individual meetings with Council and a workshop were held on Wednesday, May 3rd and a Special Council Meeting on Thursday, May 4, 2017. The Master Plan consultants and the Mayor and Council were in attendance to discuss the update to the Master Plan, as well as the conceptual design for Doral Central Park. Feedback from Mayor and Council was extremely positive during the Special Council Meeting on May 4th, and the Mayor and Council approved the Doral Central Park Concept as well as moving forward with the Aquatic Facility, which will be phase 1 of Doral Central Park.

Staff continue to work with the consultants on the Park System Master Plan and are currently reviewing drafts of the program assessment and benchmarking documents. Staff are also reviewing initial conceptual drafts of Doral Central Park which were created using feedback gathered from the visioning workshops. Additional feedback was gathered at the recently held Strategic Planning Session and an upcoming workshop is being scheduled for April.

December 22, 2016 | The Department and the consulting firm continue to have phone conferences to discuss the draft assessment.

November 17, 2016 | The Department has been working closely with the consulting firm to discuss the benchmarking assessment. Both parties have been going back and forth to go into great detail why things were chosen and discussed.

The Parks & Recreation Master Plan provides City residents general information on future park construction/improvement projects. It depicts the location of all current and future park sites, explains potential phases of each project and breaks down costs and potential funding sources.

The City of Doral is updating the Parks System Master Plan. Key elements of the plan to include:

  • An updated evaluation of the City’s existing parks and recreation system
  • Assessment of the City’s needs and priorities, including significant public participation
  • Analysis of parks facility levels of service
  • Development of a long-range vision for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan
  • Specific emphasis on the potential development of Doral Central Park to include conceptual designs
  • Cost estimates for each design
  • Potential phasing of project
  • Potential funding sources for design and development
  • & More!

UPDATE! 9-15-16 | The Parks Master Plan Update Visioning Workshop was held on Wednesday, August 24th and Thursday, August, 25, 2016 at the Doral Government Center.

Over the course of the two days, many exciting topics were discussed ranging from the Priorities Assessment findings, the vision of Doral Central Park, and the vision of the City’s parks as a whole. All the Consultants for this project were present for both days to explain and provide feedback to the community.

The Aquatic Facility consultant was also present at the meetings to make sure the two projects are interconnected. It was truly a wonderful two days that brought the community together to discuss the City’s vision for our Parks! Please visit for more information on how to get involved and stay informed!


Master Plan Meeting
Master Plan Meeting
Master Plan Meeting
Master Plan Meeting
Master Plan Meeting
Master Plan Meeting
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