Finance Department

Propsed Budget Cover

Dear Honorable Mayor, Council Members, and Citizens of Doral:

I am pleased to submit for your consideration the Fiscal Year 2017- 2018 Proposed Operating and Capital Budget in the amount of $74,547,657 across all funds (General Fund, Transportation Fund, Park Impact Fee Fund, Police Impact Fee Fund, Peoples Transportation Plan Fund, Capital Improvement Fund and Stormwater Fund). This budget is significantly lower than the 2016 - 2017 Fiscal Year adopted budget of $94,500,376, a reduction of $19,952,719 across all funds.

Proposed Budget Chart

For Fiscal Year 2017-2018, the City’s principal fund - General Fund is proposed at $56,774,571 or 76.16% of the total budget and includes capital in the amount of $1,646,398. The overall budget was prepared to meet the criteria of the Council’s strategic priorities of: Communication; Smart City; Long- Term Financial Sustainability; Organizational Efficiency; Transportation; Workforce Housing and Quality of Place. It also reflects the administration’s commitment to sound financial and operational practices that realizes our growing community’s needs and expectations of exceptional services. The City of Doral has been a recipient of two consecutive Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards, and we look forward to once again meeting the highest principles of governmental budgeting through this submittal.

Millage Rate Chart

Edward A. Rojas
City Manager

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