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Disabled Parking ImagePer the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA), which was enacted in 1990, all parking lots are required to have designated parking spaces for people who are disabled and have received a disability permit.  These parking spaces are to be accessible and shall be located on the shortest accessible route of travel to an accessible entrance.  These parking spaces are normally wider than normal parking spaces to give room for entering and exiting a vehicle.  All parking spaces for disabled individuals are clearly marked and should have the proper signage.

People with disabilities face challenges every day, not the least of which is finding adequate parking when they need it. For those with disabilities, the use of handicapped parking spaces, correctly known as accessible parking spaces, is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Yet every day, motorists with disabilities can’t find parking spaces when they need them because their non-disabled counterparts use these spaces as a means of convenience.

The City of Doral Police Department firmly believes in the strict enforcement of the current parking laws that are set in place to protect disabled individuals.  Any and all drivers that illegally park in these designated parking spaces will be fined accordingly.  A common misconception that drivers have is that it is ok to park in a handicap parking space for “just a second” or to “drop a passenger off really quick”.  Per Florida State Statute and Miami-Dade Ordinance it is unlawful for any person to stop, stand, park within, obstruct, or block any designated disabled parking space.  We would like for all commuters that drive within the City of Doral to be conscious of these laws that are set in place to assist disabled individuals.

Although our Police Officers and Public Service Aids constantly strive on monitoring parking lots to locate potential violators, we encourage the public to contact us if they feel that a vehicle is illegally parked in a designated disabled parking space.

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Both Florida State Statute and Miami-Dade Ordinances are utilized to enforce the violation of illegally parking in a designated disabled parking space.

Florida State Statute: 316.1955

316.1955Enforcement of parking requirements for persons who have disabilities.—

(1) It is unlawful for any person to stop, stand, or park a vehicle within, or to obstruct, any such specially designated and marked parking space provided in accordance with s. 553.5041, unless the vehicle displays a disabled parking permit issued under s. 316.1958or s. 320.0848 or a license plate issued under s. 320.084, s. 320.0842, s. 320.0843, or s. 320.0845, and the vehicle is transporting the person to whom the displayed permit is issued. The violation may not be dismissed for failure of the marking on the parking space to comply with s. 553.5041 if the space is in general compliance and is clearly distinguishable as a designated accessible parking space for people who have disabilities. Only a warning may be issued for unlawfully parking in a space designated for persons with disabilities if there is no above-grade sign as provided in s. 553.5041.

(a) Whenever a law enforcement officer, a parking enforcement specialist, or the owner or lessee of the space finds a vehicle in violation of this subsection, that officer, owner, or lessor shall have the vehicle in violation removed to any lawful parking space or facility or require the operator or other person in charge of the vehicle immediately to remove the unauthorized vehicle from the parking space. Whenever any vehicle is removed under this section to a storage lot, garage, or other safe parking space, the cost of the removal and parking constitutes a lien against the vehicle.

(b) The officer or specialist shall charge the operator or other person in charge of the vehicle in violation with a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as provided in s. 316.008(4) or s. 318.18(6). The owner of a leased vehicle is not responsible for a violation of this section if the vehicle is registered in the name of the lessee.

(c) All convictions for violations of this section must be reported to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles by the clerk of the court.

(d) A law enforcement officer or a parking enforcement specialist has the right to demand to be shown the person’s disabled parking