ODOR CONTROL UPDATE: Air, Water and Soil Quality Study Coming Soon!

Odor Control Update

#WhatMattersToYouMattersToUs ODOR CONTROL UPDATE

The Doral Mayor and Council just approved a professional services agreement for an Air, Water and Soil Quality Study! The study will collect and analyze samples in order to quantify reduced sulfur and volatile organic compounds that are typically associated with objectionable odors in the vicinity of the waste-to-energy and the landfill facilities. They will also perform screening measurements possibly being emitted from soils and/or bodies of water surrounding the facilities. Once the studies are completed, they will present the findings and recommendations to the City for further action within a few weeks.

Please continue to report odor you are experiencing through 311 on the website --
 https://www.cityofdoral.com/311/! This will help us greatly during this time of testing to identify the “hot spots” and look into the complaints in real time.

Thank you for you cooperation as we continue to move towards finding solutions to this matter that affects all of us.  Stay tuned for upcoming developments!

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