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This section contains general requirements for different application types. Not all cases are equal, please treat these guidelines as general, if you need specific information call us at  305-593-6700.

General Requirements for any Permit
City of Doral Permit Application
 Electronic Submittal Guidelines
  • Drawings/Plans
  • Survey (if, applicable)
  • Condominium Association Approval Letter (if, applicable)
  • any other pertinent document or proof of ownership information
Permit Application must be completed as follows:
  • Section 1.- Owner or Tenant Name
  • Section 2.- Contractor Information
  • Section 3.- Permit Type (trade)
  • Section 4.- Only used when change to an existing permit
  • Section 5.- Type of Improvement
  • Section 6.- Only if applicable Architect or Engineer
  • Section 7.- Folio Number required, current use of property, description of work, estimated value and area
  • Section 8.- Owner, if different than Section 1
  • Section 9.- Contact name
Permit Type Requirements
Shutter Permits City of Doral Permit Application signed and notarized by owner and contractor, if applicable.
  • Product Approval
  • Manufacturer Authorization Letter
  • Wind Load Calculations (must be signed and sealed by an Engineer)
  • Layout of openings to be protected with dimensions
    Homeowners Association Letter
Fence Permits City of Doral Permit Application signed and notarized by owner and contractor, if applicable.
  • Boundary Survey
  • Wood Fence (Department has detail available)
  • Concrete/Block (Drawings Required)
  • Aluminum Fence/Iron (Drawings Required)
  • Association or Management Company Approval, if applicable
Permit Renewals of Miami-Dade County Expired Permits City of Doral Permit Application: must be signed and notarized by owner and contractor, if applicable.
  • Original "Job Copy" (The City will have a 2nd copy made)
  • If original "Job Copy" not available applicant must bring 2 certified copies from Miami Dade County Microfilm.
Permit Renewals City of Doral Expired Permits City of Doral Permit Application: must be signed and notarized by the owner and contractor, if applicable.
  • Original "Job Copy"
  • Original Permit Card
  • If "Job Copy" not available they must first request lost plans and then apply for Renewal.
Burglar Alarm Permits City of Doral Application must be signed and notarized by the owner/tenant and contractor. No plans are required.
Fire Alarm Permits City of Doral Application must be signed and notarized by owner/tenant and contractor. Must be approved by the Fire Department prior to submittal.
  • plans
Fire Sprinklers Permits City of Doral Application must be signed and notarized by owner/tenant and contractor. Must be approved by the Fire Department prior to submittal.
  • plans
Permanent Generator Building permit application
  • Survey
  • Site plan: showing location of main building and set backs, location of generator and fuel tank, location of adjacent structure and setbacks in relation to the property line in the area of generator installation.
  • Floor plan: showing location of all openings (windows, doors, vent outlet) next to the generator exhaust outlet, location of a/c unit and location of any opening from the neighboring structures. Minimum distance between those items and generator exhaust is 10 feet and generator spacing from the building shall meet manufacturer's specifications.
  • Structural plans: These plans shall indicate location of slab, dimensions, thickness, and reinforcement. Also this drawing must provide information on generator anchoring to the slab.
  • Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing plans must be included in the set of plans and shall follow the guide lines for each trade.
Generator minimum requirements:
  • In all flood districts minimum elevation for generator base is the finish floor of the building.
  • Underground fuel tanks and pads for permanently installed generators shall be located not less than five feet from any property line or from the principal structure.
  • In no event shall the generator or above ground fuel tank be placed forward of the front or corner side building line.
  • Equipment cannot be located at the front of the property and must be screened from public view by landscaping of other acceptable material and protection shall be provided to fuel storage tank (curbs, bollards, etc) when subject to damage.
  • Signs shall be placed at the electrical service entrance equipment that indicates the location of onsite optional standby power sources.
  • A permanent sign shall be placed at the transfer switch location indicating the sequence of operation to start the generator and transfer the electrical loads.

City of Doral Permit Application the application must be signed and notarized by the master permit contractor.

  • plans to be revised.
  • Commercial project must go to Fire

Sub Permits - Plans not required
City of Doral Permit Application: Application signed and notarized by sub contractor Trade Fee Sheet, fee sheet must match the take off in the master permit file. If it matches we can proceed to issue the sub permit. If the contractor questions the amount they must see the processor.
Sub Permits - Plans required
City of Doral Permit Application. Application signed and notarized by sub contractor. 2 set of plans are required for plan review.

  • Permit Process City of Doral
  • Permit by Affidavit
  • Requirements for Generator
  • Homeowner's Association (HOA) Guide to Permitting

Old Post (10/1/13):
All new construction, addition, renovation or change in use resulting in an increase in water consumption will need a Water Supply Certification letter from Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department. At the customer's request, a no net increase Water Supply Certification letter will be issued for projects not resulting in an increase in water consumption. The Certification Letter will be issued at the time an Agreement, Verification Form or Ordinance Letter is offered or during the plat process prior to the final Development Order.  For more information on Miami-Dade County Water Supply Certification process and requirements, please call Program Manager, Maria A. Valdes, Planning and Water Use Unit at  786-552-8198 or e-mail at .

Old Post (9/6/13):
The Mechanical Trade has implemented a new requirement for all residential change out permit type applications. Applicants are to complete the mandatory Florida Building Code 2010, Energy Conservation Duct Inspection Certification for HVAC System Total Replacement form and submit with Permit Application two originals. Each set of plans will have an original stapled to it. Once the permit card has been issued, the Job Site original form is to be taped on to the airhandler. Should you have any questions regarding this new requirement, please contact Chief Mechanical Inspector George Taylor at  305-593-6700.

Floodplain Development Permit Requirements
All buildings under construction require permits. These permits must be obtained prior to commencement of construction activities. Contact the Building and Zoning Departments before you build, alter, regrade or fill your property. If you see any building or filling without a permit posted, please call our Code Compliance Department at  305-593-6680.

Drainage System Maintenance
Proper drainage helps reduce the risk of flooding. It is illegal for the direct or indirect entry of any solid, liquid or gaseous matter into the drainage system other than rainwater run off. The City periodically inspects the drainage system and regularly schedules debris removal operations in order to keep the drainage system at peak performance. You can help in this process by keeping the streets clear of materials and debris that could potentially affect the drainage system. Please report any illegal dumping activities that may affect drainage and/or contaminate the ground water to the Public Works Department at 305.593.6740.

Whether you are celebrating a grand opening, an art show, a tournament or a national holiday, outdoor events are a great way for individuals to come together. But, did you know that outdoor events require the approval of the City and, even more, they often require building permits?


An outdoor event is considered as a temporary use of public or private property for the purpose of hosting concerts, festivals, carnivals, races, triathlons, walks, shows, exhibitions, and the like. To ensure the safety of our residents and to maintain the quality of life of our community, the City of Doral must approve all outdoor events prior to any event taking place.


For requirements, City Council approvals, time frames, forms, and other important information, please   access here or visit the Building Department.

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