Why In-telligent?

In-telligent is a free app that uses proprietary technology to transform the communication between you and the communities you care about and visit. Just by downloading In-telligent, you’ll be better informed of what’s going on around you and your loved ones. In-telligent only needs to be installed and activated once. After that, you’ll receive important information including announcements, news, and lifesaving alerts from the communities you subscribe to.

Having important information delivered right to your mobile phone ensures that you are always informed about what is going on. When critical events or emergencies happen, In-telligent ensures that information is seen by you immediately, keeping you as safe and as informed as possible. No spam, only critical messages delivered straight to your device.

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Personal Communities

Imagine the following scenarios:
  • Your child is hurt during practice or a sporting event and needs medical attention, but your spouse isn't answering the phone.
  • Your loved one has taken a turn for the worse at the hospital and you need to notify family members immediately.
  • A wife goes into labor and her husband's phone is on silent.
  • Your teenage daughter is at a concert and an active shooter or bomb threat causes everyone to evacuate.

What do you do? Now, imagine being able to break through someone's silent setting so you can reach them when the unexpected happens...

Through your Personal Community, you...
  • decide who to invite
  • control the messaging
  • get your loved one's attention in the case of an emergency via an alert that overrides silent settings
  • push your important, must-see information out to large (or small) groups of people to view and respond immediately

For the first time, you will have the same power that our government, municipal, buildings, schools, and our other customers enjoy. When you need to communicate, take control, and rest assured, In-telligent is there for you. Be prepared for the moments that matter most.


Severe Weather

In-telligent has created an alliance with various weather services, local governments and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) to be able to deliver the most comprehensive severe weather alerts possible. These alerts are sent to anyone in the danger zone with an audible alert that only the National Weather Service can emulate. For the first time, for no cost, you can ensure that you and your loved ones are kept as safe as possible during all incidents of severe weather, including lightning strikes!

Unlike dedicated weather apps, alerts are received even if cell towers are down. A received alert means:

  • the threat is real
  • the threat is imminent
  • you're directly in the danger zone and need to take action

Just by downloading In-telligent, you are automatically subscribed to this community. You will receive push notification when:

  • you're located directly in an affected area at the time a severe weather alert is issued
  • entering a threatened area during an active alert
  • lightning has struck the ground within 10 miles of your location


Other Communities

In-telligent partners with a number of businesses around the world, providing a platform that delivers critical and life safety to users.


  • Use a smart notification system to send out alerts to your followers, tenants, guests, and whomever else interacts with your business via a push notification to their mobile device.
  • Deliver messages that can be auto-translated in to over 100 languages.
  • Override silent and do not disturb settings in urgent and emergency situations.
  • Use geo-fencing technology to send targeted messaging to specific groups.
  • Earn income by sharing the revenue generated from the small ad at the bottom of the app.
  • Keep your subscribers safer and more informed.
  • Reduce your liability premiums on your park, stadium, field, etc.