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School Resource Unit

The School Resource Unit works in association with the Miami-Dade County Schools District by placing law enforcement officers in schools with the goal of creating and maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for students, teachers and staff. The Unit consists of one Sergeant and seven officers assigned to different schools throughout the City of Doral. Officers assigned to the School Resource Unit are certified full-time law enforcement officers who receive numerous hours of specialized training through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the Florida Attorney General’s Office, and the Florida Association of School Resource Officers.

The School Resource Unit is an extension of the Doral Police Department’s dedication to our Community Policing philosophy, in that the officers assigned to a school possess the skills to build relationships, solve problems and enforce the law; while focusing on the quality of life within the school and the community the school serves. The School Resource Officers (SRO’s) accomplish this by being proactive and community driven. Officers teach a number of programs such as D.A.R.E, anti-bullying, drug awareness, and safe driving.

Officers are assigned to a school on a long-term basis so that they can become familiar with their school’s specific needs as well as the specific needs of the individual students and staff. SRO’s provide the school with a safe environment while offering the student body an approachable and positive role model.