Government Center

K-9 Unit

The Doral Police Department takes great pride in its K-9 Unit because of the proficiency, ability and utility of the animals working in partnership with their handlers. All K-9’s are trained to a high level of obedience. They are expected to follow both verbal and hand commands of their handler. The dogs are able to be placed in a “down stay” while the K-9 handler converses with the public, yet be ready for immediate recall if necessary. Our K-9 Unit answer calls for service on a daily basis. These K-9 calls range from conducting public demonstrations at schools, to tracking dangerous armed suspects. Many times our K-9 officers are called upon to assist other neighboring local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies through mutual aid.

Our K-9 officers are also assigned to the South Florida Money Laundering Task Force, as two of our dogs are trained to sniff and locate currency. All of our dogs are trained for patrol work as well as certified in other tasks such as Explosive Ordnance Detachment and Currency Detection. K-9 officers also assist patrol officers during traffic stops, building searches and locating fleeing suspects. Because of the nature of their duties, K-9’s are trained to protect their handlers, fellow officers, and the public from harm. In spite of the importance of this training, the K9’s remain social and professional in public.