Government Center

Crime Analysis Unit

The Crime Scene Investigation Unit respond to a multitude of calls for the City of Doral Police Department. The purpose of the CSI team is to provide the General Investigation Unit with significant leads to different cases that results in either the arrest of a subject, or to assist in building a case against an individual.

The Crime Scene team is tasked with photographing incidents and the collection of all types of evidence, such as Fingerprints, blood, Saliva, hair fibers, shoe impressions, tire impressions, and weapons such as knives and firearms. The purpose and primary function of the unit is to identify unknown individuals who are directly related with crimes occurring within the city. This task is accomplished by submitting collected DNA evidence and fingerprints to a criminal database for identification.

The database analysis submitted evidence and provides our Police Department with detailed information directly relating to the individual involved. This information is a vital part of the investigation. With evidence provided to the General Investigation Unit, the Detectives can make arrest or take down criminal organizations.