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2016 Annual Report Cover

The Doral Police Department’s 2016 Annual report provides the perfect opportunity to showcase our accomplishments and look toward the challenges we face in 2017. We are the Guardians; a shield forged by truth, valor, diversity, and reverence. It is through a commitment to this philosophy that the police department provides the highest possible service to our residents, business, and visitors.

Your police department is committed to the concept of community policing and procedural justice. Community policing focuses on policing through initiatives aimed at problem solving, building relationships with residents and businesses, and organizational transformation. We recognize that a police department does not operate isolated from its community and that the community must be an active participant in public safety. The police department builds community relationships by promoting trust through transparency and through active involvement in community activities. By practicing procedural justice, we ensure a culture of fairness, impartiality, voice, and transparency. It is this joint effort —police and community, community and police— that has helped us achieve our goals for 2016.

Please take the time to read through our annual report. In it you will discover the challenges the police department faced because of our growing population and increased demands for police services and how the men and women of the police department stepped up to the challenge to keep Doral safe. We are blessed to be part of one of the safest cities in South Florida. Rest assured your police department will continue to work to ensure Doral remains a safe city to live, work, invest, learn, and play.

Donald W. De Lucca

 2016 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report Cover

The Doral Police Department is honored to share the 2015 Annual Report with our community. Our agency strives to provide the highest possible quality police service to our residents, businesses, and visitors. This past year we became the eleventh agency to receive State Accreditation; this acknowledges our commitment to professionalism.

We embrace the community policing model and believe in transparency in our actions. There were many successes in this past year and we hope you take the time to review our report. As our city continues to grow, Doral remains one of the safest cities in South Florida. Our employees have embraced our philosophy of “We are the Guardians: A shield forged by Truth, Valor, Diversity and Reverence.”

Donald W. De Lucca

 2015 Annual Report