Doral to Invest in Divisional Emergency Operations Center for Efficient Response and Recovery

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November 30, 2018
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Doral to Invest in Divisional Emergency Operations Center
for Efficient Response and Recovery

Doral, FL – As part of the Mayor and Council’s continued commitment to public safety, the City of Doral will be investing funding to design, equip and construct the technology infrastructure required for a sustainable, efficient, and interoperable City of Doral Divisional Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC will be located within the already existing Category 5 hurricane-proof building, at the Doral Police Department and serve as the coordination hub for an incident response and recovery. The EOC will provide a central intelligence area for the City and response team personnel to gather critical information, coordinate response activities, and manage personnel during emergencies and catastrophic events to ensure an effective and efficient recovery for our residents and business owners.

Following Hurricane Irma in 2017, several meetings have taken place with Miami- Dade County to discuss the establishment of a permanent EOC at the Doral Police Department with the capabilities to become a Divisional EOC. Making the City of Doral a Divisional EOC will allow the City to have a representative at the Miami-Dade County EOC, which will expedite direct communication and request for resources. A Divisional EOC will also allow the City of Doral to have different Jurisdictions and Agencies representative such as FP&L, AT&T, Red Cross, Miami-Dade Police and Fire Department, among others.

“The addition of the City of Doral as a Divisional EOC Member strengthens the capability of Doral to respond to local and county-wide emergencies which ultimately improves the overall capability of the entire county when faced with catastrophic events – natural or manmade,” said Frank Rollason, Director of the Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management.

Doral first established the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in 2014 as part of its pledge to prepare, respond, recover and mitigate any major disaster, whether natural or man-made. Since then, the City has operated as a Satellite (EOC) while consistently expanding its capabilities in all stages of emergency management during incidents that can significantly impact the lives of Doral residents and business owners.

The agreements including design and construction services, not to  exceed $1,026,590, were approved at a Special Council meeting on November 15, 2018.

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