Doral Teaches the Next Generation Literacy for the 21st Century

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February 26, 2016 
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Doral Teaches the Next Generation Literacy for the 21st Century

Doral, FL – Doral is a cutting edge Smart City, with the the recent deployment of its new website platform transforming the way citizens engage with their city, the city is turning its eye to preparing its Smart City youth for success in thriving technology, engineering, and computer science careers. The Parks & Recreation and Information Technology departments are collaborating to demonstrate how technology and recreation together increase the highest level of services provided to the community. The City of Doral, in partnership with Code Explorers™, offers studentsCode Explorers: Computational Thinking & Coding program, giving them real life experience in writing computer code.

Other cities around the country are witnessing a trend toward increasing emphasis on computer science education as a fundamental literacy for the 21st century. Recently, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio announced his intent to require the teaching of computer science for all students in all grades. The early introduction of basic computer skills like coding, alongside reading, writing and math, will help student’s future proficiency and development in technological fields.

Initial research studies in the past few years show that working with a programming tool improved young children's skills on traditional sequencing tests and related tests of executive functioning. For example, before going through a robotics and programming curriculum, when asked to describe the process of brushing their teeth, children gave just three or four steps. Afterwards, they were able to break down the process into 20 or more steps

In addition to careers related to science, technology, engineering, and computer science that are a substantial benefit to Florida’s economy, jobs like Marketer, Designer, Social Media Specialist and Journalist pay better if they know how to code.  Educational partnership programs with the technology sector help students connect what they learn in the classroom with the world around them. Code Explorers, an award-winning 501c3 Non-Profit organization, also involves college and high school students via innovative internships creating a community of technology learners.

The city is always looking for new ways to provide programing to its youth, equipping them with the capabilities and skills they will need for optimum quality of life. “It’s our goal to have well-educated students that will be able to compete in today’s job market. By doing so, they’ll have a big part in helping Doral continue to flourish as the place to live, work, learn and play,” said Steven Diaz, Recreation Programs Coordinator for Parks & Recreation.

Registration begins on March 14th, with classes kicking off on March 30th at the Morgan Levy Park Community Center. For more information, contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (305)593-6600.

Code Explorers: Computational Thinking & Coding
Registration Begins March 14, 2016; Classes begin March 30, 2016
Morgan Levy Park Community Center, 5300 NW 102 Ave, Doral, FL
Maggie Santos 305-409-9762 or
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