ODOR CONTROL UPDATE: Nov.7, 2018 Meeting with FDEP

Odor Control Update

#WhatMattersToYouMattersToUs ODOR CONTROL UPDATE

The City of Doral submitted a formal complaint against the landfill and the waste-to-energy facility to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) in January 2018 based on the amount of complaints that the City has received in the past several years. Since then FDEP’s generic email was been added to the distribution list of the City’s 311 Odor Complaint & Hotline Complaints. 

On November 7, 2018, the City of Doral met with representatives from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) - Southeast District – West Palm Beach to be updated on the items discussed in their regional meetings with the facilities regarding Odor concerns. FDEP Compliance Division conducted drive-through inspections and air samplings throughout the City in September and found these air samples to be within the acceptable range of reduced sulfur compounds (RSC’s). At the meeting, they requested from the Covanta facility to provide an Odor Remediation Program. Once it is implemented and assessed, the Air Division will join forces with the Solid Waste Division to conduct their assessments and provide any feedback. FDEP Air and Waste Enforcement Division from the FDEP will also be visiting the facilities before the end of the year to overview their operations and submit any comments that can be implemented as part of the Odor Remediation Plan. #WhatMattersToYouMattersToUs

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