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  1. User, in conjunction with Procurement, develops a Scope of Work (SOW) with the complete specifications and requirements for their desired goods or services.
  2. Procurement uses the SOW and bid data sheet template to prepare official bid solicitation package.
  3. Procurement, along with City Clerk, places advertisement on City of Doral’s Procurement website and uploads into Demand Star website.
  4. Mayor, Vice Mayor, City Council and Department Heads (Administration) are advised that the bid advertisements have been placed and that the Cone of Silence is in effect.
  5. If needed, bidders attend the pre-bid conference and/or submit questions during the designated questions and answers (Q&A) period, if applicable.
  6. Sealed bids are submitted by bidders, by the required date and time, to the City Clerk’s Office.
  7. Sealed bids are publically opened and read aloud at the pre-established date and time.
  8. City Clerk creates a Bid Results List which contains the name of bidder(s) and date & time bid was received.
  9. Bid results list and electronic copies of bid package(s) are forwarded to Procurement and to User Department.
  10. For ITB - Bid Tabulation, Price Analysis Sheet and Award Recommendation are developed by Procurement and sent to User.
  11. For RFP and RFQ - User chooses an evaluation committee that is approved by City Manager, which will review the received bids and score submittals. Based on evaluation and scores, Award Recommendation is developed by User.
  12. User sends Award Recommendation memo to the City Manager, copying Procurement, justifying the award for the goods or services.
  13. City Manager’s approval is sent to User and Procurement. 
  14. Administration is advised that the Cone of Silence has been lifted.
  15. User prepares approval legislation for submission to City Clerk.
  16. Item is placed on upcoming City Council agenda and back-up material is provided to City Manager.
  17. Resolution is developed and read aloud at City Council meeting.
  18. City Council awards bid and City Clerk certifies resolution.
  19. Procurement posts winning bidder’s name on the City of Doral’s Procurement website and updates Demand Star.
  20. Procurement, along with the User and City Attorney, work with awarded vendor to negotiate and finalize agreements.
  21. Procurement ensures that all agreements and documentation are signed and then provides the complete package to the City Clerk for proper record keeping
  22. Procurement updates Contract Management system and advises User to include contract number when issuing requisition.
  23. User issues requisition and Procurement creates purchase order.  Approved Purchase order is then sent to Vendor.


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