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Digital Transformation of Citizen Services

The City is leveraging data and new technology to make government more efficient, effective, and open. Several initiatives are involved, including using data to drive efficiency and effectiveness, increasing and improving city data, and leveraging technology to improve communications.

The City’s Smart City Strategy has a system-wide view and an integrated approach focusing on three core smart city functions: collect, communicate and crunch data to proactively engage with residents. The City of Doral is entirely cloud-based on the Microsoft Azure and CRM Online platforms that provide a more interactive environment that will enable residents to access their specific city-related information on the device of their choosing along with a powerful business intelligence solution.

The Citizens’ Engagement strategy has involved the interaction of residents with the new eServices Portal that makes the online experience more convenient and accessible for our residents. The result is a more interactive environment that will enables our residents to access their specific city related information on the device of their choosing. The City’s Website eServices provides a “Residents 1st” experience and address the critical need to improve resident access, business intelligence, service delivery and efficiency while reducing costs for the City.

Technology for a Better Government

The City of Doral's government has set in motion an ambitious plan for digital transformation that will place the City Council in the forefront of efficiency, effective and open government.

Smart City 2.0 Framework

The City of Doral Smart City 2.0 focus is to Elevate Customer Service by providing user friendly design of online applications that facilitate and enhance residents experience with City Services.

Our focus as a Smart City is our people, providing 3 main benefits:

  • A better quality of life for residents and visitors
  • Economic competitiveness to attract industry and talent
  • An environmentally conscious focus on sustainability
  • All City Departments have implemented programs, events, created Master

The continuance of our digital government transformation is by providing people and business first services and solutions that span city administration and citizen services, enabling increased insight, service efficiency and improved citizen outcomes.


Citizen Services Portal
Citizen Services Portal
Doral Alerts
Doral Alerts
Trolley System
Trolley System
Freebee in Doral
Freebee in Doral

Citizens Services Portal

Website - Doral

The implementation of citizen portals and tools like mobile apps, gis, website and customer relationship management systems, we help the citizens communicate and collaborate more effectively with the City and continuous improvement of customer service and quality of life. The City of Doral achieved digital government transformation by providing people first services and solutions that span city administration and citizen services, enabling increased insight, service efficiency and improved citizen outcomes. Our website platform is using technology to encourage real-time engagement, promotes citizen self-service and connects citizens and businesses to valuable resources that promotes accessibility, inclusion and collaboration.


Emergency Notification Systems
Everbridge - DORAL ALERTS

Doral Alerts

The City of Doral has systems of communications and warning to ensure that the City’s population and emergency management agencies are warned of developing emergencies and can communicate emergency response decisions the notification system provides the following functionality:

  • Mass Notification & Interactive Visibility
  • Including publishing to Facebook & Twitter
  • Community Engagement
  • SMART Weather
  • Mobile Device Applications
  • Both recipient and full-featured message-sending applications

The Police Communication Center utilizes the emergency notification system and notifies the public via text alert, voice, or email of major traffic accidents, road closures and emergencies in the City of Doral. In addition to accidents, road closures, and emergency alert the notification system has the capability to notify all those who are in the path of severe weather with weather warnings just moments after the National Weather Service has issued it.




  • Use a smart notification system to send out alerts to your followers, tenants, guests, and whomever else interacts with your business via a push notification to their mobile device.
  • Send alerts that utilize a device's standard notification sound, or override silent and do not disturb settings in urgent and emergency situations.
  • Deliver messages that can be auto-translated in to over 100 languages.
  • Overcome social media algorithms and cluttered email inboxes by delivering messages to all subscribers for free (see the Transforming Your Social Media Experience tab for more details).
  • Create as many public or private communities on the platform as you need to effective communicate to all your users.
  • Use geo-fencing technology to send targeted messaging to specific groups.
  • Earn income by sharing the revenue generated from the small ad at the bottom of the app.
  • Keep your subscribers safer and more informed.
  • Have a one-on-one conversation with users through the Contact feature.
  • Reduce your liability premiums on your park, stadium, field, etc.
  • Give users the ability to disable audible/silent override alerts for up to 12 hours.


Free Trolley System

Not only it is FREE, the residents have access to real time updates - Trolley Tracker. Your Doral Trolley Tracker provides real-time trolley information for all Routes. Unlike traditional trolley schedules, Doral Trolley Tracker lets you see and track the actual status of your trolley, so you know when your ride will arrive. Instead of waiting at the trolley stop, use Doral Trolley Tracker to help you plan your time – run another errand, finish up another project, or simply wait indoors.


Freebee in Doral

Freebee in Doral

Freebee is a FREE, door-to-door, on-demand transportation service, brought to you by the City of Doral!

  • Freebee vehicles are 100% electric, and emission-free!
  • Your Freebee guide will share with you the latest and greatest happenings in the City of Doral.
  • Freebee caters to any and all ages, from children to seniors, and all types of pets.
  • Freebee provides booster seats as appropriate for children who exceed the size requirements to travel in a car seat.
  • Smaller children and infants are required to be secured in a federally approved car seat, provided by their parent or guardian.
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