Information Technology Department

For the last several years, two pillars of the City’s strategic vision have been Communication and Organizational Efficiency. After a thoughtful inward look at how the development services departments (Building, Public Works, Planning & Zoning, Licensing and Code Compliance) were executing on service delivery, the City committed to exploring comprehensive, GIS-based land development solutions. The new Development Services Software (WeB – We Build Doral!) will solve challenges like communication across electronic records, the ability to audit and track performance, consistency in data entry, compliance with statutory requirements and most importantly, outward-facing citizen engagement that is easy-to-use and intuitive. The goal is a streamlined process for an optimal customer experience for our residents and businesses.

Stay tuned for outreach events to train community development customers on what they need to do to prepare for this exciting new adventure like Digital Signatures, GIS (Geographical Information Systems), Online Payment Portals and a new and improved GIS-based 311 app!

WeB Timeline