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Guest Usage Guidelines

This document provides individuals that access the City’s information technology infrastructure, guidelines in the usage of such (see Section 2 for details). This document is intended for external users, i.e., users who are not employees of the City. All external users implicitly accept compliance with these guidelines by their usage of the City’s information infrastructure. Failure to follow these guidelines may be grounds for civil or criminal penalties. If you have any questions on this document or if you are not sure how to do something described in this document please call the IT Office at extension 2708 Mon-Fri 8:00AM-4:30PM.

1. Acceptance of Jurisdiction
The City of Doral maintains jurisdiction of all its information technology systems and makes them available to the public to help them in their interaction with the City and to ease the free flow of information and services with the understanding that usage of such systems or of the City’s technological infrastructure implies acknowledgement and abidance of these guidelines.

2. Hardware, Software and Data Infrastructure Property
The technological infrastructure within the City’s jurisdiction includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Hardware: portable computers, magnetic, optical, and other storage media.
  • Software: database and other systems.
  • Data: Network drives, data, files, folders, databases,
  • Metadata: domain information, IP addresses, web addresses, mail domains, e-mail accounts.

All software and data within the City’s premises are within the jurisdiction of the City. The City reserves the right to monitor any data, in any computer, at any time within its jurisdiction and without prior notice to ensure that the system is being used appropriately and in compliance with City policies and directives. The City may also monitor all communications such as e-mail and voice mail at any time. Neither employees nor any other external entities have any personal privacy or proprietary rights in any matter created, received or sent from any system or media within the City’s jurisdiction. Each account in the City’s system requires a password to prevent unauthorized access to the City’s data and is not to be construed to imply any privacy rights to the owner of the account.

3. Password Security
By acceptance of City issued passwords, users acknowledge responsibility for it and become liable for damage cause by the account. Users will not divulge their password to anyone. Password security ensures that events in the system are traced to the correct user. Users will be held responsible for their accounts. Users will change their password on their first login and whenever they feel that it might have been compromised. Users must change their passwords whenever they suspect someone has seen them type it, and will alert IT if any changes to their profiles have occurred without their knowledge. Users will not disclose their password to anyone.

Passwords must be seven or more characters, It should include characters like (!@#$%^^&*()), numbers, and upper and lower case letters, and must never be an English or Spanish word.

3.1. Internet Mail
Inappropriate use of e-mail using City equipment or within the City’s infrastructure is prohibited. This includes impersonation of City mail addresses, placing, causing to be placed or authorizing placement of any illegal or inappropriate material in the City’s mail system. Users are responsible for monitoring their accounts (whether personal when accessed from City premises or City owned) for illegal or inappropriate content and will notify their supervisor immediately if such material is found. Upon such a notification, the notified will immediately call the IT Office. The City reserves the right to monitor the mail system including mailboxes at any time, without prior notice to ensure that the system is being used appropriately and in compliance with City policies and directives.

External users are prohibited from impersonating real or hypothetical users within the organizational infrastructure. Any such violations will be dealt with to the full extend of the law.

4. Personal Software and data
Personal software will not be permitted on City owned equipment unless all of the following requirements are met:

  • The user has a legal license and he/she is willing to donate it to the City. All software installed in City computers shall become property of the City
  • The purpose of the software is to aid the user in City business.
  • IT staff has verified that the software cannot damage the system and is compatible with the City standards.

Only authorized personnel can install software in the City’s computers. Installation of any software in City equipment must be approved by the IT Director. Personal storage media may not be used in the City’s computers without IT verification and approval of the media.

5. Internet Services
This section deals with web services that the City provides to the public. External users may take full advantage of all applicable services provided by the City however external users must exercise great care to avoid placing harmful agents within the City’s infrastructure. External users are prohibited from placing or causing to be placed any data or program in the City’s data repository. External users who violate this rule are liable to the damage that they may cause to City’s data due to the download or to the import of viruses or other agents and will be prosecuted.

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