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BuildingAmnestyVideo The City of Doral Building Department is continuing with the Amnesty Expired Permits Program. This Program encourages any person who may have allowed a building permit to lapse on/or before December 31, 2012, to reactivate (renew) or cancel the expired permit, if no work was performed. Informational Amnesty Program Workshops will be scheduled throughout the year to assist property owners that qualify for the Program. For more information on the Amnesty Expired Permit Program and announcements on workshops, please visit the City of Doral website at and click on the Building Department tab. You may also request additional information through the Doral 311 Service Request link located at the City’s website.  
Amnesty Workshop Video

buildingClassSmThere are many times when our customers are unable to visit the City of Doral Government Center to address key concerns and/or needs. If you need to speak with a Building representative, use the newly implemented Doral 311 Service Request link. This service provides a fast and efficient way to send detailed messages with specific requests or concerns to the Building Department. Messages can be sent with photo attachments as well. Users can select to remain anonymous or provide their contact information for follow-up. The Department will provide you with a response within twenty-four (24) business hours of your request. Doral 311 Service Request link may also be used to request a Pre-Construction or Design Professional Meeting. These meetings are held every Friday from 7:00 a.m. – Noon. To use this service, access Doral 311 link to launch the Module, complete the “Request a Service” page, and click on submit.

The City of Doral Building Department offers a variety of services to the construction industry, including owner/builders to ensure that both small and large scale projects are administered through the permitting process in an expeditious manner. Such services include: Digitized Plan Review, Fire/RER Concurrent Plan Review, Walk-Thru, Expedite Plan Review, Optional Plan Review (OPR), Early Start Permitting, Temporary Certificate of Occupancy/Completion (TCO/TCC), Inspection Service Request (ISR), After-Hour Inspection Request, and Pre-Construction and Design Professional Meetings. If you need to use any of these services, you can find them here in the Building Department Section of our website, which you are currently in.

During the rainy season, the continuous downpours saturate and, on occasion, over saturate the ground; reducing the capacity of the Stormwater Drainage System. This may cause some temporary flooding along city streets and/or private property, creating potentially dangerous conditions.
Did you know that Homeowner’s and/or windstorm insurance does not cover flood damage to a structure? All property owners should take the time to determine if their property is in a flood zone and consider purchasing Flood insurance. Flood insurance is available to protect all homes, condominiums, apartments and non-residential buildings, including commercial structures in the City.
buildingFloodLetterSmThe Building Department provides Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) determination letters to let you know if you are in a flood hazard area and if you are required by federal law to carry flood insurance. The Department also provides flood informational packets to our customers to better inform them of the actions that can be taken to reduce flood related damage to their properties. For more information regarding Flood damage prevention, insurance needs, and requirements, refer to the Building Department section of our website, which you are currently in. To request a FIRM letter, please access Doral 311 to launch the Module, complete the “Request a Service” page, request to speak with the Flood Management representative, and click on submit.


Efective October 1, 2013, the following low voltage electrical permit categories will be exempt from permit requirements for residential installation and repairs (single family residence, duplex or townhomes):

  • Burglar Security Systems
  • Master TV Antenna
  • Sound and Intercom
  • Data Communication Cables
  • Central Vacuum
  • Telephone and Communication
  • Smart House

Please be advised that permits are still required for commercial work, including multi-family buildings such as, but not limited to, condominiums and apartments. For commercial installations in existing buildings where renovations or alterations are not being performed (no building permit), a schematic diagram showing fire walls and types of wiring signed by the qualifying agent is required at time of permit application to ensure the integrity of fire resistant rated assemblies.


Old Post (10/1/13):

All new construction, addition, renovation or change in use resulting in an increase in water consumption will need a Water Supply Certification letter from Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department. At the customer's request, a no net increase Water Supply Certification letter will be issued for projects not resulting in an increase in water consumption. The Certification Letter will be issued at the time an Agreement, Verification Form or Ordinance Letter is offered or during the plat process prior to the final Development Order.  For more information on Miami-Dade County Water Supply Certification process and requirements, please call Program Manager, Maria A. Valdes, Planning and Water Use Unit at 786.552.8198 or e-mail at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Old Post (9/6/13):

The Mechanical Trade has implemented a new requirement for all residential change out permit type applications. Applicants are to complete the mandatory Florida Building Code 2010, Energy Conservation Duct Inspection Certification for HVAC System Total Replacement form and submit with Permit Application two originals. Each set of plans will have an original stapled to it. Once the permit card has been issued, the Job Site original form is to be taped on to the airhandler. Should you have any questions regarding this new requirement, please contact Chief Mechanical Inspector George Taylor at 305.593.6700.


Old Post (9/23/13):

In an effort to provide customers with excellent one-on-one customer service. The Building Department is utilizing the City of Doral's 311 system. Doral 311 provides our customers with the ability to send a detailed message with specific requests. A Department representative shall review the Doral 311 request and respond within twenty-four (24) hours of the request submittal.

Doral 311 is NOT to be used to schedule, reschedule, or cancel any type of inspection or meeting.

To use this service, please return to the City of Doral's Main Page and click on the Doral 311 box found at the bottom right hand corner of the page, proceed to click to launch the Doral 311 Module, complete the "Request a Service" by selecting the Building Department option, follow any other prompt, and click on Submit.

Old Post - Flood Information (7/6/13):

Flood Protection

In 1968, Congress created the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to provide affordable flood insurance to individuals who live in areas with the greatest risk of flooding called Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs). The NFIP makes federally backed flood insurance available in communities that agree to adopt and enforce floodplain management ordinances to reduce future flood damage. This is important because property owners who hold a federally backed mortage must purchase flood insurance if the property is located within a special flood hazard area.

Flood Hazard

During the rainy season, the continuous downpours saturate and, on occasion, oversaturate the ground; thus, reducing the capacity of the Stormwater Drainage System. This seasonal occurrence may cause some temporary flooding along city streets or private property, possibly creating potentially dangerous conditions. Always use extra caution when driving during any rain event. Flooding or standing water should be reported to the Public Works Department at (305) 593-6740.

Flood Warning System

Flood, hurricane and severe weather warnings are issued by the Miami-Dade Office of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service. Residents should stay tuned to the local TV, City of Doral Channel 77, and radio stations for updates on storms.

Flood Safety

If you are advised to evacuate, turn off all utilizies at the main switches or valves. Disconnect electrical appliances, but do not touch any electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water. Avoid fast flowing water or unstable banks.

Flood Insurance

Most mortgage lenders require flood insurance based on the elevation of the property. In the event that your mortage does not have this provision or if you own your property free and clear, you may purchase this insurance at any time. Remember, there is a thirty (30) day waiting period before the policy becomes effective. Homeowner's insurance and/or windstorm insurance does not cover flood damage to the structure.

Because the City of Doral is an NFIP community, flood insurance is available to protect all homes, condominiums, apartments and non-residential buildings, including commercial structures within the City. You are eligible for flood insurance, regardless of whether or not your property has ever flooded. All properties secured by a federally backed mortgage (FHA, VA, FNMA, etc.) must carry flood insurance.

Floodplain Development Permit Requirements

All buildings under construction require permits. These permits must be obtained prior to commencement of construction activities. Contact the Building and Zoning Departments before you build, alter, regrade or fill your property. If you see any building or filling without a permit posted, please call our Code Compliance Department at 305.593.6680.

Drainage System Maintenance

Proper drainage helps reduce the risk of flooding. It is illegal for the direct or indirect entry of any solid, liquid or gaseous matter into the drainage system other than rainwater runoof. The City periodically inspects the drainage system and regularly schedules debris removal operations in order to keep the drainage system at peak performance. You can help in this process by keeping the streets clear of materials and debris that could potentially affect the drainage system. Please report any illegal dumping activities that may affect drainage and/or contaminate the ground water to the Public Works Department at 305.593.6740.

Map Determinations & Elevation Certificates

The City provides Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) determinations to let you know if you are in a flood hazard area and if you are required by federal law to carry flood insurance. For surveyors, architects and engineers, the City has the latest form of elevation certificates available to you for completion. We also have a sample completed elevation certificate for your reference. For lenders, insurance agents, real estate agents, residents and businesses, elevation certificates are kept on file at the City for all buildings permitting by the City. Call the Building Department at 305.593.6700 for a map determination or copy of an elevation certification.

Did you know that floods are the most common natural disaster?

Here are a few safety tips to consider, if you are ever faced with flooding:

1. Drowning is the number one cause of flood deaths. Currents can be deceptive; six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet. If you walk in standing water, use a pale or stick to ensure that the ground is still there. Also, do not disregard road barriers, the road or bridge may be washed out.
2. Stay away from power lines and electrical wires. Electrocution is the number two flood killer. Electrical currents can run through water. Report downed power lines to Florida Power & Light at 305.442.8770.
3. Be ready for the unexpected. Place important documents inside plastic bags or other waterproof containers.
4. Look out for animals, especially snakes that may have been displaced by the flood.
5. Look before you step. The ground and floors may be covered with debris and mud.
6. Be alert for gas leaks. If you use natural gas, use a flashlight to inspect for damage. Do not smoke or use candles.
7. Rehearse your evacuation plan with all household members. Plan to leave early to avoid traffic delays.
8. Secure your boat. If possible, store it inside a garage or warehouse. If outside, make sure the boat is secure to the trailer and the trailer is tied down.
9. Remember to arrange for your pets. Most evacuation centers will not accept pets. Make plans in advance to board your pets in a kennel or with friends outside the hazard area.

For more information about flood protection, please contact the City of Doral Building Department at 305. 593.6700, Ext. 3113.

Old 2013 Post:

Should you need complete permit historical data (e.g. Open/Expired Permits or Records Request), please visit our website under Forms and select the applicable form or contact our Records Section at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This will ensure that you have the most complete historical permit information.

Old 2013 Post:

Due to the increase in permitting processing needs, the following changes took place as of April 15, 2013:

* Walk-Thru hours are Monday-Thursday, excluding legal holidays, from 7:00 - 9:00 a.m.

* Plans Drop-Off hours are Monday-Friday, excluding legal holidays, from 7:00 - 1:00 p.m. (Sign-In List will be closed at 1:00 p.m.)

* A limit of 5 Walk-Thru permit applications allowed per project.

*Walk-Thru Criteria List is available.

* Pre-Construction and Design Professional Day meetings take place on Friday's between the hours of 7:00 a.m. - Noon.

*Permit Applications must be complete and contractors active and registered with the City of Doral before meeting with Permit Clerk for processing.

Old 2011 Post:

Lead Hazard Information
National Electrical Code Change
Fire Review Has Come to Doral
Florida Building Code Change
Outdoor Events
Early Start Permitting
Fire/DERM Concurrent Plan Reviews
Digitized Plan Reviews



According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), lead-based paint was used in more than 38 million homes in the United States until this practice was banned for residential use in 1978. The usage of lead in paint, gasoline, water pipes, and many other products was very common until it was discovered how harmful lead was to human beings. Lead comes primarily from deteriorating lead-based paint and lead-contaminated soil. Common renovations to a home that include sanding, grinding, cutting, demolishing, burning, or blasting can create hazardous lead dust and chips for homes built before 1978.

Airborne lead enters the human body when an individual breathes or swallows lead particles or dust after it has settled. Lead in the human body can pose many dangers to the brain, the central nervous system, blood cells, and kidneys. Because of these serious health hazards, it is important to reduce or eliminate contact with lead as much as possible.

Renovating, Repairing, and Painting Practices – It’s the Law!

Beginning April 2010, federal law will require contractors that perform renovations, repairs, paint, or disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities, or schools built before 1978 to provide information about lead to the owners. Most importantly, the contractor will need to be certified and follow specific work practices to minimize lead dust and prevent lead contamination. Please click on the links below for more information from the Environmental Protection Agency about lead.

Renovate Right: Important Lead Hazard Information for Families, Child Care Providers and Schools
Lead Safety During Renovation (Important Information for Contractors)

For more information about the health effects of exposure to lead, how to check your family and home for lead, lead-safe work practices, and more, please visit the EPA lead website at or call the National Lead Information Center at 1-800-424-LEAD (5323).

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The 2008 National Electrical Code (NEC) went into effect October 1, 2009. This code includes the latest rules for electrical installations in residential, commercial, and industrial occupancies. Keep in mind that the new code will have a significant impact on job costs.

Permit applications submitted before this date will be reviewed under the 2005 NEC if the application remains active. Expired applications and applications submitted on or after this date will need to comply with the new code.

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The City of Doral Building Department has partnered up with the Miami-Dade Fire Department to bring fire plan reviews to Doral. Certain projects within the City that require fire approval may be taken for review to the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Headquarters, Fire Prevention Division located at 9300 N.W. 41st Street, Miami, Florida 33178. Reviews will only be performed on Wednesdays from 8:00 am through 12:00 pm.

Reviews are limited only to Life Safety submittals that meet the following criteria:

• New Construction/Addition under 50,000 sq. ft.
• Interior Alteration/Repair work under $100,000 in construction valuation
• Kitchen Hoods
• Spray Booths
• Walk-In Coolers
• Minor Life Safety Revisions (4 pages or less)

For projects that qualify, customers will no longer need to travel to the west Dade center. Customers are responsible for paying the up-front fee at the time of submittal (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express may be used as form of payment). If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Fire Prevention Division at (786) 331-4800.

Plans that do not meet the requirements above and/or are submitted at other times must be taken to the Herbert S. Saffir Permitting and Inspection Center located at 11805 S.W. 26th Street (Coral Way), Miami, Florida 33175. For more information regarding fire review, please contact the Fire Department at (786) 315-2000.

Please be aware that before submitting any drawings to the Fire Department (or any other agency), the plans must first be submitted to the City of Doral Building Department. All plans must be perforated and stamped at the municipality where the proposed work is to take place. For information about requirements for permit submittal, please click on the Permit Information heading (on the left) or contact the Building Department at (305) 593-6700.

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The 2007 Florida Building Code (FBC) went into effect March 1, 2009. Permit applications (or process numbers) that have been submitted to the Building Department prior to this date will not be affected by the new code provided that they are not allowed to expire. These applications will be reviewed under the 2004 Florida Building Code – the code that is in effect at the time of application submittal. Applications submitted on or after March 1, 2009 will need to comply with the new code. In addition, any expired permits that are renewed on or after this date will also need to comply with the new code. To view a draft copy of the new code online, please visit the Florida Department of Community Affairs. Code sets are currently available for purchase from the Building Officials Association of Florida and the International Code Council.

For Applicants…

Please monitor your applications to ensure they do not expire. In accordance with Section 105.3.2 of the Florida Building Code, a permit application expires 180 days after the filing date, unless a permit is issued. If the application is about to expire and the applicant is still in the process of obtaining approvals, he/she may request an extension of time in writing. An additional 90 days may be granted upon review of the request, but only if the request has been received by our department before the application expires.

Expired Applications

Applications submitted to the Building Department before March 1, 2009 that become expired, but have all required trade approvals (building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, zoning, fire, DERM, etc.) prior to the expiration of the application, may become permits. Applicants wishing to complete the process and obtain the permit may do so before March 1, 2009 provided that all necessary trades have been approved and the application has not been null and void (no special request or process will be required). After March 1, 2009, applicants will need to make a request within six (6) months from the expiration date of the application for permit issuance. Once again, expired applications will only be allowed to become permits if all required trade approvals were granted before the application expired. Once the request has been approved, the Building Department will allow applicants ten (10) days to pull the permit (no reviews will be conducted during this time). Applications that do not become permits within ten (10) days of the approval of the request will become null and void.

Please be advised that expired applications that have not obtained the necessary trade approvals will become null and void regardless of when the application was submitted to the department. If the applicant is still interested in doing the work, he/she will need to resubmit new sets of drawings, a new permit application and upfront fee. If the application is submitted before March 1, 2009, the 2004 FBC will apply; if the application is submitted on or after March 1, 2009, then the plans will need to comply with the 2007 FBC requirements.

For more information about the 2007 Florida Building Code or expired applications, please contact the Building Department at (305) 593-6700.


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Whether you are celebrating a grand opening, an art show, a tournament or a national holiday, outdoor events are a great way for individuals to come together. But, did you know that outdoor events require the approval of the City and, even more, they often require building permits?

An outdoor event is considered as a temporary use of public or private property for the purpose of hosting concerts, festivals, carnivals, races, triathlons, walks, shows, exhibitions, and the like. To ensure the safety of our residents and to maintain the quality of life of our community, the City of Doral must approve all outdoor events prior to any event taking place.

For requirements, City Council approvals, time frames, forms, and other important information, please access here or visit the Building Department.

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The Florida Building Code allows limited work to start before an official building permit is issued. It allows certain work to commence up to the point an inspection would be required. With the approval of the Building Official, limited work can be performed using a qualified contractor while the permit application and plans are being reviewed.

An applicant may request an Early Start Permit during the regular permit application submittal. An Early Start application and a CD of all documents and plans must be completed and submitted to be considered for the Early Start program. In addition, the applicant will need to have hired a licensed contractor to perform the work. Finally, a Zoning Clearance and DERM approval, if applicable, a pre-construction meeting, and payment of pertinent fees will be required before the approval to proceed with early start is granted.

Early Start Permitting and Fire/DERM Concurrent Reviews may be combined to begin construction work much sooner and complete the permitting process quicker.

To participate in the Early Start Program, please access here to see the forms.

For more information about Early Start Permitting, please contact the Building Department at (305) 593-6700.

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Taking advantage of the Digitized Plan Review that has been place since November 1, 2006, the Building Department will now be conducing all of our reviews electronically for applicants wishing to participate in the Fire/DERM Concurrent Plan Review Program. Essentially, the hard copy set will be released back earlier to the applicant for Fire and DERM reviews while we review the electronic copies.

To participate in this program, applicants must submit a CD containing PDF files of plans, calculations, and other documents necessary for the review process, together with the hard copy set and permit application.

Early Start Permitting and Fire/DERM Concurrent Reviews may be combined to begin construction work much sooner and complete the permitting process quicker.

For more information about Fire/DERM Concurrent Reviews, please contact the Building Department at (305) 593-6700.

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It is with great enthusiasm that the City of Doral Building Department announces a ground setting initiative - Digitized Plan Reviews. We have been working on improving the turnaround time for permit applications. The one area that would benefit from streamlining is the station-by-station plan review process. Historically, plans submitted were sent to each plan examiner one at a time. Utilizing state of the art software, wide screen monitors, and the latest in computing power; the Building Department is now capable of performing digitized plan reviews. This advanced technology allows the Department to send electronic copies of plans to each plan examiner simultaneously. Just the thought alone promotes efficiency! A plan examiner will no longer have to wait for another to finish their review, multiple electronic copies will be sent automatically to each required discipline. The turnaround time for a review cycle could be 60% faster than usual.

The Department could not fully realize this accomplishment without your cooperation. We are now accepting an electronic file of your drawings. We encourage all applicants to take advantage of this new ability to significantly shorten your permit review process. All drawings, whether or not generated in CAD, can be submitted electronically on a CD or DVD in a PDF file format. In addition to the CD, two sets of signed and sealed paper copies are still necessary. Today's industry standard CAD programs allow professionals to publish their drawings in this format. If your office uses a different format please discuss your requirements with us so that we can accommodate your submittal. Most importantly, be sure that drawings contained in the electronic file are identical to the paper copies submitted. If your office produces drawings mechanically, just have your drawings scanned into a PDF file format.

Revisions can also be submitted in electronic form. Even if a project has already been approved and under construction, revisions to those projects can be submitted electronically. Permit applications for roofing, shutters, minor and repair work, shop drawings, and NOA's need not be submitted electronically, at this time.

This is the first step towards fully electronic submittals. In the near future, we will rely on electronic submissions over the internet. While this is yet a reality, some preparation is required and professionals must become aware of electronic signatures. The Department of Business and Professional Regulations governs and specifies how electronic signatures are encrypted and utilized by professionals within the State of Florida . I urge each and every one of you to begin looking into this technology.

We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in this ground setting endeavor. If you should have any questions or comments concerning this process please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Council Meeting: Tuesday January 13, 2014 at 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM at the Doral Government Center
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